Cute Is My Kryptonite

Mattel Polly Pocket DC Villains Set- 2012 Comic Con Exclusive

Whilst perusing the interwebz yesterday, I happened upon the announcement of some of the Comic Con Exclusives that will be offered this year.  I was giddy to see both the DC Polly Pockets and the Mattel Tiny Titans toys.

Mattel Tiny Titans, Death- 2012 Comic Con Exclusive

Then I realized that my ass will be stuck outside the Convention Center– badgeless.  So unless I can convince some unwitting convention-goer to obtain these awesomely cute items for me, I am out of luck.  Then I remembered that I am great at finding unique items and that Etsy is my best friend.

Behold, friends!  Prepare for geeky cuteness that you can purchase right here, right now!  That take, “Exclusivity!”

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