Useless Drivel – Atomic Robo (and more!) with Mike Olson

Atomic-RoboWould you believe that Robert and Matt actually convinced someone to record a podcast with them?  Neither could they!  When it comes to over the top awesome, it’s hard to beat the Fate Core system, but you add a healthy dose of Atomic Robo to the mix, and you’ve got yourself some serious kickassery!  The guys are joined this week by Mike Olson, lead designer of the Atomic Robo RPG, and man, is this guy living the dream!  Tune the world out and flip on your geek-dar, because it’s about to get all sorts of awesome in your ears.  From Action Scientists and Dinosaurs to Brainstorms and Vampire Lucahdores, prepare to be amazed by a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Resolutions The Gamer Way: Fitness Gaming


A new year always brings resolutions of eating better, or working out, or just losing weight. These resolutions rarely pan out and end up giving gym owners a huge boost in income every year. So I decided to put together a list of some cheaper and more fun alternatives to the gym. Hopefully the fun of the game and the active movement will help us all be happier, healthier gamers. Continue reading


Episode 40 – Post San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Another Comic-Con has come and gone, and the Monkey in the Cage crew is WORN OUT!  Even with back-up and thorough planning, tackling the awesomeness that descends on San Diego every year proved to be more challenging and rewarding than ever, and we weren’t even on the floor (legitimately)!  Join us this week as we are once again joined by our favorite intern, Jared the Intern, and artist/illustrator extraordinaire Dennis Salvatier to recap all of our experiences outside of the convention center.  Gas up the Batmobiles, throw back a couple of beers, and don’t let those zombies get you as we talk SDCC 2012 on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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“Wait, that doesn’t look right.” – Hardware Mods

I lack any form of creativity, but I love people that are able to imagine something and then create a physical manifestation of it. This goes double so for someone who can take an existing product and make it that much more awesome by “modding” it.

One of the top modders in the game today is Ben Heckendorn. He is most well known for taking a modern console, hacking it to pieces, creating a new housing, adding a monitor, and making it a portable game system. His “laptop” Xbox 360 took the Internet by storm and he has been an Internet celebrity ever since.

Ben has also been altruistic in his efforts with modding. He created a one handed Xbox 360 controller for a serviceman that was injured in Iraq.

When I was growing as a PC gamer, case modding was all the rage. People would try to come up with the craziest ways to show off their PCs at LAN parties, even to the point were case mod competitions were created. One of the most unique ones I have seen in a long time is this intricate case build from wood.

And now finally, the best mod of them all.


A dildo bat and explosive bullets. It must be Saints Row!

Saints Row: The Third has been out for a couple weeks now and, I being the video game junky I am, have finally beat it.

Damn I'm sexy

Let me start off by saying Saints Row has a pretty in depth character creator. You can create anything from Dr. Manhattan to Hitler.  Just take a look at the gallery. You could spend hours tweaking every little nuance of your character to make the perfect you (or in my case, a more perfect me ).

I like to call this a schlong sword.

In this third installment of the series, they have ramped up the crazy on just about everything. You can’t go wrong with stripper assassins and auto tuning voiceboxes. After leveling up the weapons, they just start to get insane. You can have explosive pistol bullets, shotguns that light people on fire, and even Reaper drone missles.

The lovable, homicidal Professor Genki.

A new feature in Saints Row: The Third is the ability to level up based on the amount of respect you have earned. Leveling up in this game quickly makes you a completely overpowered killing machine and it is fun as hell. By the end of the game my character is completely invulnerable to all forms of damage and has infinite bullets and grenades. There is something soothing about having a mass amount of soldiers, tanks, and hover jets converge and try to kill you while you casually blow them up dual-wielding pistols.

If you enjoyed the other Saints Row games, or even the older versions of Grand Theft Auto, I suggest you pick up Saints Row: The Third.