Episode 95 – Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Is this the best summer or what!?!  We’ve got superheros, conventions, and even better, GIANT F***ING ROBOTS FIGHTING GIANT F***ING MONSTERS!!!  That’s right geeks and geekettes, this week we’re talking awesome!  Join us as we discuss the good, the better, and the best of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest tour de force, Pacific Rim!  We ain’t got no time or room for haters, so initiate your neural handshakes, touch up those Kaiju tattoos, and get ready to cancel the apocalypse as you listen to a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Episode 81 – Thac0: The Movie


In the time that we here at To-Ag Studios have been recording, we’ve taken our fair share of shots to the chin, as individuals and as a group.  This week, not only did we take that shot again, it was followed by a shin-kick to the groin and a wet-willy to boot.  Join us this week as we take an errant trip down the rabbit hole resulting in a questionable experience with Thac0: The Movie.  Take inventory of your dice, be sure to steam-clean your gaming cloak, and whatever you do… don’t hassle Neil Gaiman as you prepare for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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READY PLAYER ONE: A Futuristic Trip Down Memory Lane

I’d heard rumblings of this book for some time now, basically that it was a gorge fest of nostalgia porn for anyone who grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s. I approached the book eagerly and was almost immediately rewarded for this decision. Let me say this, nostalgia porn barely covers it as this little novel packs a closed fist punch to the face of pop culture references, gaming nods, and full on geekery that never failed to satisfy me.

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Episode 26 – To Remake or Reboot, That is the Question

3:10 to Yuma, A Fistful of Dollars, Adam West, Adam West Star, Alfred Hitchcock, Alice in Wonderland, Anne Heche, Annie, Anthony Perkins, Batman, Ben McKenzie, Big Trouble in Little China, Bloodsport, Bradley Cooper, Bruce Willis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Catching Fire, Charleton Heston, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Chris Hardwick, Christopher Nolan, Clint Eastwood, Commies, Contract Dispute, Cowboys, Dark Shadows, Darren Aronofsky, Denzel Washington, Detroit, Draw Something, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Escape From New York, Felicia Day, Film Novelizations, Geek & Sundry, Geek Chic, Gene Wilder, Ghetto Anthem, God of War, Gremlins, Hard Knock Life, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hugh Hefner, Humphrey Bogart, It's a Hard Knock Life, James Cagney, Jay-Z, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Jennifer Lawrence, John Carter, John Wayne, Johnny Depp, Josh Hutcherson, Jurassic Park, Justin Bieber, KROQ, Kurt Russe, Liev Schreiber, Medal of Honor, Michael Jackson, Monopoly, Mystique Everdeen, Nerdist, North Korea, Ocean's Eleven, Paul Giamatti, Peter Weller, Planet of the Apes, Psycho, Queen Elizabeth II, Ralph Garmin, Red Dawn, Rehab, RoboCop Statue, Russia, Ryan Seacrest, Sam Raimi, Samurai, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarface, Seth McFarlane, Shakespeare, Snake Pliskin, Stan Lee, Stand By Me, Star Wars Prequels, Steven Seagal, Super Mario Brothers, Superman Returns, Suzanne Collins, Tabletop, The Birds, The Brady Bunch, The Evil Dead, The Family Guy, The Flog, The Fountain, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The Goonies, The Hunger Games, The Incredible Hulk, The Karate Kid, The Legend of Zelda, The Magnificent Seven, The Maltese Falcon, The Man with No Name, The Manchurian Candidate, The Nerdist Channel, the one percent, The Queen Mum, The Seven Samurai, The Situation, The Wiz, Tim Burton, Timothy Olyphant, True Grit, Vince Vaughn, Westerns, Wil Wheaton, Will Smith, Willow Smith, Willy Wonka, X-Men - First Class, Yojimbo

We all love an original, right?  Be it a movie, a TV show, a book or a game, there is nothing quite like the Real McCoy.  The OG.  The Numba One Stunna… or something…  But, what happens if an original is remade or rebooted?  What is it’s (probably) worse?  What if it’s (surprisingly) better?  Should it have even been done?  Join us this week as we tackle these hard-hitting, earth-shattering, humanity influencing questions while looking at the entertainment industry’s remake obsession.  Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide those bootleg cable movie VHS’s, because it’s all about to get REMADE UP IN HERE, on this weeks new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Oh, What A Wonder Con World

As a purveyor of nerd culture I have a tendency not to leave the house much, and being a ginger, the sunlight only adds to my need to remain generally cloistered. However, this past weekend I decided to venture out into the great unknown and get a few breaths of fresh air– in between walks from my hotel to the convention center that is, as I attended the first ever Anaheim WonderCon.

We, Southern California dwellers, got an extra special dose of geeky awesomeness this year when Comic Con International decided to hold its annual WonderCon in Anaheim while its usual roaming grounds were under renovation in San Francisco. Seeing this as a potential dry run opportunity for the big rev up in July, I decided to check out how this Con experience would hold up.

Here are some pros and cons I noticed at WonderCon in relation to my usual Comic Con experience:


  • Hotel reservations were surprisingly cheap and easy to come by. Due to the closeness of the Disneyland Resorts, there are many, many affordable lodgings well within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center with plenty of available rooms in the days leading up to the convention
  • Registering for Wonder Con was a cake walk. Unlike the clusterf*ck that was the Comic Con Member ID sign up and Registration, badges for Wonder Con were available up to and including the first days of the event.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK2Ql2eZREQ]

A real-life approximation of what it was like to get into the Registration site for Comic Con 2012.

  • Getting the badge itself was a simple straightforward experience. No I.D. check, no retina scan, no microchip embedding…. I handed in my registration, they handed me my badge. Just a smile and a thank you and I was sent on my way.
  • Speaking of “thank you”… all the volunteers and staff were incredibly nice and helpful. I don’t think I got tasered once asking for directions. That may be a first. I’m sure if they decide to continue holding a Wonder Con in Anaheim in the future that will change, but for the moment, it was delightfully refreshing.
  • With the exception of the ballroom, every panel had ample space and almost no lines to get into. No camping out required!
  • The floor was filled mostly with Comic books and genre-related booths. There were two game booths dedicated to Capcom and Nintendo but the floor was otherwise free of the usual commercialized Hollywood promotionals.


Also, Steampunk. Steampunk EVERYWHERE.


  • Locale. Comic Con San Diego tends to be a sprawling multiple street fair-like event. Other than the Convention itself there’s nothing else to do outside the Anaheim Convention Center except for the looming  behemoth that is the Disneyland Resort. Since most convention goers are usually on a limited budget, this is entirely out of the question.
  • Time shares! Wonder Con was held at the Anaheim Convention Center and was sharing space over the weekend with both the Ladies Volleyball Tournament, and Spirit Cheerleading Competition.  This created not only an awesome clash of cultures but led to hour long lines at the food court and constantly tapped out ATMs.
  • Actually…that’s about it. Other than those few minor quibbles, Wonder Con was awesome. Even though it was a little smaller than what I’ve normally been to, it was totally a return to form and made for an amazing and focused Con experience.

Of course now on to what actually happened at Wonder Con! Here’s some of the panels I got to enjoy:

Quick Draw!-Usually headlined by Sergio Aragones, several well known illustrators compete in a Win Lose, or Draw/comedy improv sketch off. It was silly fun, and I learned the Disney artists can have incredibly dark senses of humor. Highlights include a father sitting behind having to explain to his daughter what a “Rush Limbaugh” is.

It Was 30 Years Ago Today: Celebrating 1982 – Greatest Geek Year Ever!-Who knew so many amazing movies came out in one year-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Blade Runner, E.T., Tron, Poltergeist, Conan: The Barbarian, The Road Warrior, The Thing By the by-a pox on everyone there who gleefully pointed out that they weren’t even alive when those movies came out. A pox on you all!!!

The World of CAPCOM!-Mostly a panel offering sneak peaks at whats up an coming with Capcom, but mostly the highlight was watching various members of the audience get to battle it out on the big screen playing Street Fighter X Tekken. No mysogony here; just good clean blood sport.

DC Comics: The New 52-Exploring some of the new titles and storylines coming out in relation to the new 52 launch. Highlights for me included the DC universe apparently being taken over by dinosaurs and the re-launch of “Dial H” written by famed fantasy writer China Miéville.

Sadly, no “Crisis of Infinite Zatannas”

Geek & Sundry-a panel discussing Felicia Day’s new Youtube Channel featuring the very best of indie geek culture, with contributors Wil Wheaton-who will host a tabletop gaming review show; Veronica Belmont and Tom Merrit-who will host “Sword & Laser” a SciFi/Fantasy book club; and a motion comic channel featuring Dark Horse Comics. I hope the book club reviews this book first.

Tournament of Nerds!- a live debate that pits two super fans against each other in the ultimate nerd battle.  This tournament  included such important questions such as who would win in a fight-Freddy Krueger vs The Undertaker and Thor vs Godzilla? Quote of the night-“Godzilla would never bang your girlfriend.”

WonderCon Masquerade-bring your flask.

Community– Its back, our long national nightmare is finally over!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog-Ending the convention on a tragicomedic bittersweet note! Much like Comic Con, Wonder Con’s aim is send you out on a Whedon high. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel oddly disquieted. Audience partici…pation is always strongly suggested.

That about does it for me. If the rumor mill is true and Comic Con International does decide to make a North/South Wonder Con annual convention, I will gladly be a repeat attendee. I’ll just be sure to carry cash next time and pack lots of sammiches.

Who am I kidding? I met Squirrel Girl. My weekend was perfect.

Special Guest Star/Intrepid Cub Reporter:


Episode 23 – WonderCon 2012

Well, July is just around the corner.  You know what that means!?!  San Diego Comic-Con!   Wait, what did you just say?  You didn’t get tickets?  Well, neither did we.  Luckily, we were able to take advantage of WonderCon’s temporary relocation to Anaheim, California this year and we’re here to bring you a little taste of our WonderCon 2012 experience.  Join us this week as we discuss some of our favorite experiences on the convention floor this past weekend, as well as our take on how WonderCon stacks up to the nerd-fest that is San Diego.  Grab your three day passes, hit the ATM, and don’t forget your poster tube (seriously, don’t) as we bring you WonderCon 2012!

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