Useless Drivel – Deadpool Valentine

Useless Drivel Deadpool Valentine

So, we’ve all survived another week, and for what? A new hour of nonsensical BS, that’s what! Join your hosts Robert and Matt this week as they discuss all the things that make life important, like love, whiskey, and R-Rated movies. Like so many other things in your life, prepare to be disappointed yet driven to keep coming back for more, so settle in an listen up because it’s a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Etsy Obsessions: Jenny Loves Kawaii


Nerd Glasses Geek Swag Necklace, $17

Whether you’re a fella with a geek lady in your life or a geek girl looking to spoil yourself, look no further!  This week I am featuring the talented jewelry maker Jenny Loves Kawaii.  Jenny has over 150 items for sale featuring tons of geektastic categories.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you know.

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Geek Love

As Monkey in the Cage’s Resident Girl it is my duty to remind all my guys that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!  If you’re anything like Ramses you’re probably thinking, “Huh, already? What date is that again?”  February 14th… Just like it always is.  You’d be amazed at how many times in our almost 18 years together I have had to tell him that Valentine’s Day is February 14th… *sigh*

So, I thought I would do what I do best and internet shop for some awesome cards in order to hopefully save you from having a very awkward “talking to” from your lady friend.  Helloooo, Etsy!

Geek Love Squared by maddesign

Skyrim Valentine's Card by Vox Literati Design

All My Base Are Belong to You by extragevents

DARTH VADER by DingbatPress

Roleplaying by Partycake

I will warn you though, if you just give her a card, you’re screwed.  Sorry, buddy.  Also, I am not 100% sure but upon second viewing of the card above I am pretty sure that the little warrior is a penis.  If so, I apologize if I offended you in anyway.  But I think he’s cute.