Useless Drivel – Mad Midget: Useless Road

Useless Drivel Feral Midget

Alright kiddos, get ready for a good one. No. Seriously. This may actually be the best one yet! Join your host Robert and Matt as they recant their awesome tales of yesterweek, because that sh*t was pretty damn awesomely insane! From pint-sized pugilists to heavy metal wastelands, we’ve got it all covered. Even The Girlfriend has something to say, and she doesn’t even listen to the show!! So, strap yourself in for an awesome piece of radio as you listen to a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Vagabond Gamers – Spirit of ’77: Cruise Ship of the Damned Actual Play, Part 2

Disco ZombiesIt seems that last week, things took a little turn for the worse for the heroes on the SS Tangerine.  Now, while Sammy Summers’ roaming gang of Texas Tornado cheerleaders have been kicking ass and taking names, the Colonel has had his pick from a bevy of beauties, and Gemini seems to be getting much closer to Roz courtesy of his everlasting supply of pills, zombie frat boys really have a way of mucking up escape plans.  What’s in store for the Spirit of ’77 crew on part 2?  Tune in and find out!!

GM and Editor Notes – We unfortunately lost Kevin due to an internet outage near the end of the game, but I feel we tied up his storyline rather well.  Enjoy!

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Closing Song – Carry On Wayward Son– written and performed by Kansas

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