Useless Drivel – The Useless and the Furious

Useless Drivel Furious 7What’s better than explosions, cars doing impossible stunts, and insane action all over the place? Nothing. What is the exact opposite of all that sort of awesome nonsense? This podcast. Join your hosts Robert and Matt this week as they discuss all the unimportant things happening in their lives. From potential life-threatening emergencies and superheroes to amazing car-porn and Westeros, it’s a little bit of everything with a whole lot of no fact-checking. It’s Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point.

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Scary Is The New Black: My Favorite Scary/Halloween Movies

For better or worse I am one of those people that doesn’t scare easily. Sure, any monster jumping out of a closet will make me jump, but it doesn’t really scare me deep down, and torture porn really does nothing for me. I need the monster to never really show itself, it always needs to be around the periphery. I must be allowed to start over thinking everything until I just freak myself out. With this in mind, I decided to list a few of my favorite scary movies, along with some of my favorite Halloween movies. Continue reading


The Iron Chef America of Movies: Kickboxer 5

I love 80s/90s action movies, there was something pure about a guy who just so happened to be an amazing martial artist become a reluctant hero because his best friend was beat up/girlfriend was taken/he has to fight communism. When I was younger the king of these movies was Jean Claude Van Damme, he starred in two of my favorite movies of that time, Bloodsport and Kickboxer. After the excellent time I had with American Ninja 5. I figured there was no better way to celebrate the muscles from Brussels than by watching Kickboxer 5: The Redemption. Continue reading