Useless Drivel – Pod-Doping

Useless Drivel Cycling Shorts

Looks like we started the new year in true MITC style by failing to even get through the first month with consistent episodes. Sure, maybe Robert was practically dying, but he could have fought through the sickness and manned up to record! Alas, We are returnededed this week, mostly healthy and super-amped to bring you a brand new episode! Join your hosts Matt and Robert this week as they delve into the world of fever-dreams, Stormtroopers, and bullshit phrasology (totally a word). Pack your ears with cotton, because they might actually bleed this time as you listen to a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Wait, Hulu has exclusive programming?: Spy

I don’t have any form of cable television and my antenna is a bit iffy, so when I’m looking for random fluff television I have to look to Hulu. Amongst the Modern Families and Communities I found a little gem by the name of Spy. Originally airing on Sky 1 in the U.K. Spy is a 6 episode series about Tim Elliot (Darren Boyd) ne’er-do-well single father who mistakenly walks in on an entry test for MI5.

During the test The Examiner (Robert Lindsay) becomes enamored with Tim and offers him a job within MI5 as a spy recruit. This of course leads to a number of interesting situations in which Tim is completely incapable of handling and yet some how comes out ahead.

The rest of the cast of characters include Caitlin (Rebekah Staton); the love interest, Judith Elliot (Dolly Wells); the evil ex-wife, Marus Elliot (Jude Wright); the annoyingly smug child, and Philip (Tom Goodman-Hill); Judith’s new boyfriend who may have a crush on Tim. It is with these characters that we follow Tim throughout his home life where his wife is doing everything possible to get custody of their son, and his son is being an annoyingly smug little brat (I hate the kid).

I may be making Spy sound a bit dull, but it is a very well written, funny, and fun show that can help cleanse the palate of heavier fair such as Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. I give Spy 12 donkey shows out of 5 ski masks.


The best show you aren’t watching.

While I enjoy a number of great television shows, there are only a few that I will go back to and watch the same episodes again and again. One of those shows is Archer on the FX Network.

Mustaches and underwear, if that's wrong I don't want to be right.

Archer follows ISIS ( International Secret Intelligence Service) agent Sterling Malory Archer codename Duchess as he goes out on missions throughout the world and as he has to deal with more domestic matters such as dealing with the motley crew that makes up the rest of the ISIS agency.

It's way worse than it looks

Archer is essentially what James Bond would be if you add Sean Connery’s attitude with Austin Powers ineptitude.  He is a booze hound and womanizer, but in the funniest way possible. He has a penchant for outing himself on missions just in the hopes of impressing a girl and he will call operatives in deep cover just for confirmation.

What the? I don't even ...

I’m a horrible writer and reviewer, but take my advice and watch this show, it is currently on Netflix and fairly cheap on Amazon. You will not be disappointed.