How the Monkeys Loosen Up

Before every podcast we try to warm-up and test our audio levels.  We sometimes play improv games like “Would you Rather?”  Where Ramses thinks of some absurd scenario, the rest of us ask questions,  he elaborates, and then we choose our answer.  The “winner” is determined through some sort of point-based system that is basically on the whims of Ramses’ mood.

We also sit around the table and watch funny web videos.  Take a gander that the things that make us laugh.

First came “Party Rock Anthem” and now LMFAO is rocking those banana hammocks!

No, Shorty, no!

Can’t forget the classic Street Fighter Vs. Baby.  The guys all blame the baby… I blame the parents.  But none of us blame the breakdancer, he is the only innocent in this situation.  He’s just trying to entertain.

Now that you’ve seen some of the things that make us laugh, we want to know what makes you laugh.  Leave links to your favorites in our comments section… as long as it’s not vomiting cats.