Vagabond Gamers – Spirit of ’77: Cruise Ship of the Damned Actual Play, Part 2

Disco ZombiesIt seems that last week, things took a little turn for the worse for the heroes on the SS Tangerine.  Now, while Sammy Summers’ roaming gang of Texas Tornado cheerleaders have been kicking ass and taking names, the Colonel has had his pick from a bevy of beauties, and Gemini seems to be getting much closer to Roz courtesy of his everlasting supply of pills, zombie frat boys really have a way of mucking up escape plans.  What’s in store for the Spirit of ’77 crew on part 2?  Tune in and find out!!

GM and Editor Notes – We unfortunately lost Kevin due to an internet outage near the end of the game, but I feel we tied up his storyline rather well.  Enjoy!

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Closing Song – Carry On Wayward Son– written and performed by Kansas

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Episode 108 – All Good Things

MITC Ending

“There is an end to everything, to good things as well.” ~Chaucer

Well geeks and geekettes, it’s been one hell of a ride.  For 108 weeks, the crew here at To-Ag studios have aimed to bring laughs, fun, and not a little bit of misinformation to our little corner of the internet, all for your (and our) enjoyment.  As the saying goes, “Life Happens,” and while the MITC crew has done a good job of making the podcast fit into their hectic schedules week after week without missing a beat, it seems that real life has finally caught up with the cast. While we don’t see this as a definitive end, the MITC Podcast will henceforth be on indefinite hiatus.  Fear not, however, as there is still one last episode to enjoy, and we will always keep the mics ready for when the stars are right.

We’d like to thank all of our listeners and supporters these past few years for their honesty, feedback, and awesomeness.  We love you all, and while we won’t be in the studio every week, we do hope that all of the awesome people we’ve met, recorded with, and made friends with keep in touch.

Much Geek Love,

The Monkey in the Cage Podcast

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My Top 6 Gaming Moments of 2013

Role Playing Then and Now

Unfortunately, the gods of labor and employment (aka my bosses) made it impossible for Robert and I to get together this week to record a new episode of Useless Drivel.  However, in an attempt to make good on a personal New Year’s resolution, I’m writing this post as a way to not only breathe some new life into the site, but also to keep the geeky goodness flowing until the next podcast.  2013 was a super busy year, but it was most definitely a rewarding one for this gamer.  How rewarding?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

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Useless Drivel – ‘Tis the Season for Booty

Pirate ChristmasT’was the day after Christmas, and all through the ‘Net, not a podcast was playing, at least not yet!  The geeks and the gamers all had their new swag, so much great stuff they can’t help but brag.  From consoles and pirates and a bottle of rum, it’s time for your earholes to have lots of fun.  Your hosts Rob and Matt, probably tired and drunk, are here to chit-chat about pointless junk.  So, lend them your ears and stick around the joint; it’s a new Useless Drivel, the podcast without a point!

TOPICS DISCUSSED – SouthLAnd, Sons of Anarchy, PlayStation 4, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Need for Speed Rivals, Watch Dogs, Sony Pulse Elite, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, N64, Hotline Miami, The Desolation of Smaug, Tauriel, Smaug, 47 Ronin, The World’s End, Century Club, Wizard Staff

Closing Song – Bilbo Baggins Punk Rock


Episode 107 – Dollar Store Christmas

Dollar Store Christmas Demotivator

Happy holidays, Monkey Lovers!  It’s that special time of year again where everyone here at To-Ag Studios digs deep into their pockets and shell out their hard earned cash for the absolute best gifts ever!  Or, rather, get as cheap as possible and try to find the best way to stick it to each other.  Either way, it’s all in good fun and our gift to you, our awesome listeners.  So, kick back by the fire, drink up that alcohol spiked hot chocolate, and be thankful your friends actually love you as you tune in for the 3rd annual MITC gift exchange on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Episode 106 – Uncaged 18: The Chronicles of Monkey

Chronicles of Monkey

“In their third year of podcasting, the Monkeys find themselves in a dark and foreboding plane of existence called Teh Internetz, surrounded by an army of soulless and viscous creatures called H8-ers.  They must band together, with their loyal fanbase of MITC listeners in order to drive off all the non-believers (and Beliebers) in order to become true rulers of the Net!”  Sounds like a badass movie, right!?!  Join us this week as we go off the rails and uncaged!  So, grab your crystal skulls, make a nemesis at the zoo, and just stop reading altogether as you prepare for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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