Episode 73 – Steel and Magic Adventuring Company

Steel and Magic Adventuring Company

Every Player has memories of their first character, their first adventure, and their first adventuring party.  For some, those memories are brief – a goblin spear here, a trapped hallway there, a prick of a GM behind the screen, etc. – while for others they last weeks, months, and even years.  For us here at To-Ag Studios, that first true adventuring party lasted for half a decade, and in that five years, WE MUNCHKINED THE F— OUT!!!  Join us this week as we step back through the edition wars and discuss the origins and developments of our original Dungeons & Dragons characters.  From obscenely powerful equipment and weapons to an utter lack of regard for those silly things called rules, we reminisce (and surprise ourselves too!) about the old adventuring days.  Dial up those combat bonuses, stack on those magical enhancements, and be sure to keep a chipmunk skull close at hand as we discuss the Steel and Magic Adventuring Company on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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