Episode 80 – What’s in Your Closet?


If you’re a gamer and a geek, then undoubtedly you’ve amassed a grand collection of wondrous treasures, from boxes and books to cartridges and discs.  While some of these items may be considered mundane or even relics of geek ages long past, we all know that it goes against our very nature to part with such great gifts of enjoyment, even if we’ve never taken the shrink wrap off yet!  Join us this week as we delve into our geek closets and discuss games of all types – purchased, played, and otherwise.  Clear off the table, charge up those controllers, and for God’s sake read some damn instructions as you prepare for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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S’Quarrels Vs. Nuts!

Happy SOPA Blackout Day, everyone!?  With the likes of Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit going dark  in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act  I’ve decided to use MitC’s internet freedom to publish a post about card games featuring squirrels and/or nuts.  Why?  Well, card games featuring squirrels and/or nuts are, of course, equally as important.  And at one point in everyone’s life we must all make the crucial decision of choosing between two different card games featuring squirrels and/or nuts so I am here to offer my help. The basic premise of S’Quarrels ($11.15 on Amazon) is that you are a squirrel collecting as many acorns as possible before winter strikes.  You start by setting an arbitrary amount of acorns and the first squirrel to collect the set amount before the winter card reveals itself in the draw deck wins.  However, there are several cards that allow the acorns be to taken or passed between the players.  S’Quarrels is family-friendly and a lot of fun also since you determine the amount of acorns it takes to win you can decide how long the game will last.

Nuts! ($10.23 on Amazon) plays very similarly to S’Quarrels.  You are a squirrel making a mad dash to collect nuts and the first squirrel to reach 20 nuts is the winner.  Nuts! is a fast-paced game where among the nuts you collect are grab, defense, mayhem, and antics cards that allow you to steal others’ nuts or defend your own.  I am sure you figured that with a title like Nuts! this game is chock full of innuendo.  Some of the card titles include Deez Nuts, Whose Got the Biggest, and Mouthful of Nuts so this game may not be quite as family-friendly as S’Quarrels.  One advantage that Nuts! has over S’Quarrels is the fantastic artwork of Brett Bean.

So, what’s my verdict?  I honestly like them both!  In terms of game play S’Quarrels may have the slight advantage but only because playing with only two players in Nuts! limits the use of some cards.  Fun factor would have to go to Nuts! and with the advantage of the beautiful art… I have to say my winner is Nuts!  But by a very small margin… lucky for me, I own both so I don’t have to choose!

Oh, hey!  Did you know that January is National Hobby Month?  Yeah, me neither!  I have been (inadvertently) honoring the month by playing a few new games like these, how about you?