Lockout (2012) – Movie Review


Ok, I know that I missed the boat a little on this movie.  Well, more than a bit (it came out almost a year ago in the States) but it didn’t get a cinema release in Australia that I’m aware of, and I only watched it for the first time on Monday, but dammit, I wanted to write a review for it anyway!

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Was that really a good movie?: Malibu Express

It has come time that I finally start in on part two of reviewing the films contained in Girls Guns & G-Strings. Last time I left you with the amazingly horrible feel good movie of the year Savage Beach, but this time we shall go to an earlier, more wholesome time before Playmates were throwing themselves at director Andy Sidaris. Back when the story and action had more meaning than the breasts and teased out hair. This time we go back to 1985 (to be read in the voice of Casey Kasem) for Malibu Express. Continue reading


Brave – A Modern Fairy Tale in Medieval Clothing

This past weekend saw the release of the newest member of the Pixar family of animated films, Brave.  The story of an independent young princess finding her place in a world of tradition, the biggest question looming among fans and critics alike is does the movie hit the mark?  Well, this is one reviewer that thinks it has.

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First Official “Prometheus” Clip now Online

If you are excited for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (as you should be), then you will definitely want to check out the new official clip to hit the internet today.

While it’s not too action packed, chances are this is the last bit of normalcy the crew of the Prometheus is going to have before the all undoubtedly die horribly gruesome deaths… just a hunch.

Prometheus hits theaters June 8th, so if this clip isn’t enough to satisfy your nerd-lust, pick up some copies of the original Alien films to hold you over until then!

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What a mistake this was: American Ninja 5

So I’ve been thinking long and hard on ways to bring brand new up to date content to the site. After literally minutes of brain storming I came upon the kind of inspiration that one only hits when you’re finally able to overcome “the fear“. It was at this point I realized I had to watch awesome [Editor’s Note: He means awful] 80’s and early 90’s action movies!

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It’s only evil if you look each other in the eye! Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

I love me some Alan Tudyk and Tyler Lebine so when I found out they were making a new movie together I started to get excited, then I saw the trailer and knew I had to see the movie. I waited patiently hoping to find out a release date only to be disappointed time after time. After a very limited theatrical release Tucker and Dale was finally released on DVD November 29, 2011, and I must say it was well worth the wait.

The story is split between following a group of college kids heading out to the mountains for a weekend of drinking and debauchery, and on the other side we have Tucker and Dale who are heading up to start work on their new vacation home.

(Spoilers ahead? Although if you watched the trailer you’re good to keep reading)

During a late night skinny dipping session one of the college girls (Allison (Katrina Bowden)) hits her head and begins to drown. Dale jumps in and saves her. This leads to the misconception that Tucker and Dale are out to kill the college kids. All hell breaks loose with the kids trying to rescue Allison from the “hillbillies” and in doing so, start killing themselves off one at a time.

Tucker and Dale is a good old fashioned comedy/horror in the vein of Army of Darkness and Idle Hands. It’s not really for the kids due to some of the death scenes, but at it’s core it is a light hearted comedy with a backdrop of drinking, sex, and death.

I give Tucker and Dale vs Evil 3 and 3 quarter stars out of Gary Busey.