Useless Drivel – Mary Sue New Year to You!

Rey Star Wars Useless Drivel

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2016, where things probably aren’t going to get better for damn near everyone and we’ll all be dead in a hundred years so none of it really matters! Join your hosts Matt and Robert this week as they discuss all manner of Star Wars opinions, podcast reflections, and other such tomfoolery, because hey, what better way to start off your 2016 hungover with two idiots prattling in your ears! So, eat a big greasy breakfast, er… lunch, pop some painkillers, drink lots of water, and torture yourself some more with a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Useless Drivel – Podcastmyth Theories

Luke Skywalker Sith Useless Drivel

HOLY CRAP! We actually managed to get episodes out 2 weeks in a row! Just when you thought you were going to get to stop listening to us, too. Join your hosts Robert and Matt as they discuss all manner of (not so) timely geek news, conspiracy theories, board and vidya games, also with a dash of intellectual discussion on mythology to boot (seriously)! Strap yourself in for some pure magical goodness pouring into your ears like molten gold, because it’s a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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Disney Gets It’s First Modern Princess, From the Past

While we still wait for Disney to come up with a decent princess, oh wait.. now they have one:  Princess Leia.  Princess Leia is not your run of a mill princess, and neither is she your average political figure. Princess Leia, out of all the female influences in my childhood, had to be the one I looked up to the most. She is strong, confident, and beautiful.

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Star Wars in High School… in the 80’s

STAR WARS 80’s High School Re-Designs by Denis Medri

I truly had every intention to actually produce some sort of original content for the site this week then I saw this and I just HAD to share it.  Artist, Denis Medri, has taken George Lucas’ Star Wars characters and stuck them smack dab in the middle of a John Hughes movies… or Back to the Future as in the case of Luke. When I saw these it blew my mind, what a clever spin on characters that every geek has seen a thousand times!

After a little looking around his Deviant Art page I saw that this isn’t the first time Mr. Medri has taken beloved characters and completely re-imagined them. He’s taken the Justice League and made them western, Spider-man as Steampunk, Rockabilly Batman characters, and his take on The Avengers in a fantasy setting! Fantastic stuff. Take a look around his page, you won’t be disappointed.

Now though check out the rest of the Star Wars crew.

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Art Appreciation

One thing I really love about the internet is how easy it is for artists of all mediums to share their work.  The unveiling of our new logo yesterday inspired me to feature the works of some great artists here on our site to help spread the artistic love.

Spider-Man by Dennis Salvatier

First, is the work of Dennis Salvatier.  Yes, the same designer of our awesome new logo!  You can check out all of his work over at Salvatier Studios or his deviantART page.  All these prints  are currently being sold in a mini set for only $15.00!

Harley Quinn & Catwoman both by Dennis Salvatier

The next two sets I found over at The Mary Sue.  They feature stories that make the geek girl in me proud.

Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker by Ingrid Aspock

Chief Brody & Jaws by Ingrid Aspock

The hug it out motif was a special Christmas Peace set released by Ingrid Aspock.  You can view the rest of the set at Ingrid Aspock’s site.

Finally, this set by Danny Haas features several iconic super heroines caught between their super identity and their cover identity or real identity.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman & Kara Zor-El/Supergirl both by Danny Haas

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl & Selina Kyle/Catwoman both by Danny Haas

I really enjoy these because they speak to the duality of women or I suppose that bi-polar personality that some women are accused of having.  Either way I like the style and found them rather unique.  The artist is selling these prints for about $18.00 each at his site.