Useless Drivel – Atomic Robo (and more!) with Mike Olson

Atomic-RoboWould you believe that Robert and Matt actually convinced someone to record a podcast with them?  Neither could they!  When it comes to over the top awesome, it’s hard to beat the Fate Core system, but you add a healthy dose of Atomic Robo to the mix, and you’ve got yourself some serious kickassery!  The guys are joined this week by Mike Olson, lead designer of the Atomic Robo RPG, and man, is this guy living the dream!  Tune the world out and flip on your geek-dar, because it’s about to get all sorts of awesome in your ears.  From Action Scientists and Dinosaurs to Brainstorms and Vampire Lucahdores, prepare to be amazed by a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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