Episode 63 – Merry Krampus!


Hey all you out there in internet-land!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are coming at you a day early from the busy podcast-monkeys over here at To-Ag Studios!  Join us this week as we discuss crazy Christmas traditions from around the world, a few of our own, and most importantly – The Second Annual MITC Gift Exchange!!  That’s right!  We’re once again trying to see who can embarrass who the most, so finish up that last minute shopping, throw another Yule Log on the fire, and be sure to leave some cookies and milk out tonight for whoever might come down the chimney and enjoy a new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey!

Matt tends to be the butt of the joke in our little group, but that’s only because he’s an easy target a good sport.  The Thanksgiving after his “hiatus” we decided he needed to be jumped back into our gang with the help of some nasty Jones Soda.  He tasted it twice before he quietly set it down with a disgusted look on his face (Matt makes the best “eww, gross” face.)  It was Karen and Robert’s laughter that gave the whole thing away.