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Chairy Trash Useless Drivel

Better late than never, but here it is, this week’s post! Just when you thought you got rid of us, we sneak back and mess up the start of the weekend! Join your hosts Robert and Matt as they talk about the things that no one else cares about, simply for your listening pleasure! Hold onto your butts,because it’s going to be awesome? It’s a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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See Whatcha Missed This Week…

Ep 65

MitC Episode 65

So, I thought that our deaf listeners get no love nor attention.  You know, since there are no subtitles in podcasting.  To remedy this I decided to make a visual recap of the show.  Plus it helps with the stuff that you guys may miss.

Do you get all the references?

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Episode 65 – Best of 2012

065 Spiderpus

Are you exhausted?  Because we sure are!  2012 turned out be a geek’s best friend and it didn’t matter what your nerdgasm of choice was, either!  Be it movies, gaming, television, comics, or whatever else, 2012 surely did deliver… and there are absolutely no signs that 2013 is going to do any less.  Hell, it’s probably going to do more!  Join us this week as we gather around the mics and discuss what “got our geek” the most in the past year.  Prioritize your superheroes, stock up on convention passes, and be sure to try out a bit of the meatloaf as you settle in for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Neil’s Puppet Dreams

NPH!  Henson Puppets!  Joe Manganiello in a pineapple tank top! Drag Queens!  Nathan Fillion!  I feel as if Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka (his Co-star/Co-Producer/Partner) made this show just for me.  a-MAH-zing!  Watch this “Behind the Scenes” look of Neil’s Puppet Dreams premiering Tuesday, Nov. 27 on The Nerdist Channel.   You will be thankful you did.