Episode 89 – Man of Steel


Look!  Up in the air!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane! It’s a flying dude with more muscles than he knows what to do with!  That’s right kiddos, the “Superhero Summer” continues as this week we discuss the new incarnation of pop-culture’s first heroic icon.  We’re joined in-studio by our special three-peat guest – artist extraordinaire and comic book aficionado Dennis Salvatier!  Be sure to ditch those red undies, work out your back-pecs, and practice punching people into ghosts as you prepare for a brand new super adventure on this week’s Monkey in the Cage!

Also, be sure to support Dennis in his artistic career and check out his site here! – Salvatier Studios and Tanoshiboy.com (and buy some awesome art!)

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Unboxing: Locke & Key The Game

Locke & Key The Game by Cryptozoic

One of the first booths we came upon at WonderCon this past weekend was the Cryptozoic booth.  They had game demos going on and I immediately spied Locke & Key.  I had been meaning to get my hands on the game since it’s release about a month ago but I completely forgot.  In fact, in my rain-soaked head, it had yet to be released and I was scooping up one of the first copies.  Yeah, motherhood has made me forgetful and I always said I would never turn into “one of those women” *sigh*.  Anyway, I handed over my $30 and went on my merry way.  Turns out you can pick it up at Amazon for $18… the moral of the story?  Forgetfulness can be costly.

Overview: Box, instruction booklet, 3 decks of cards, Lock token, and Keyhouse

The game is based on the insanely popular Locke & Key comics by Joe Hill and illustrated by the uber-talented Gabriel Rodriguez.  I have read the first four hardcovers and have enjoyed them immensely.  The story revolves mostly around the Locke children to do to live in a mysterious manor owned by their family called the Keyhouse located on  the fictional Lovecraft Island.  The kids find a series of keys that do amazing things within the house.  They band together to stop an outside supernatural threat from obtaining the keys for his our sinister motives.

The Strength Deck

I can see how the story lends itself to becoming a game.  The player is a member of the Locke family and must overcome various challenges whether they be personal and psychological or physical and supernatural.  The players use their strengths to overcome these challenges.  Players can assist each other and be rewarded or possibly punished.

The Challenge Deck

The challenges vary in degree of difficulty as signified by the color.  White challenges are personal or deal with other humans.  Blue challenges are mysterious and otherworldly.  Black challenges are the most difficult and represent entities or creatures.

The Key Deck

After each player takes their turn then Key cards can be played to if they are relevant to plays that just took place.  The Lock token is passed around and each player gets a chance to play a key that can help or hinder.  When the “Game Over” card is revealed the player with the highest points is the winner.

WonderCon Exclusive Cards

Paying full retail price at the con did score me some awesome WonderCon exclusive key cards to add to the game:  The Moon Key, The Timeshift Key, and The Harlequin Key.  We own one other Cryptozoic game  AMC’s The Walking Dead and the quality is similar.  The holographic foil on the exclusive cards are very nice and highlight their exclusivity.



Episode 17 – Co-Op Experiences

In this day and age of online gaming and social media, we geeks have it sweet in the ability to jump on our PC’s or consoles with people from around the world and wreak havoc upon AI foes or one another in any number of settings no matter what time of day it is. Whether it’s banding together for a raid in World of Warcraft, or failing miserably to save the world in a game of Pandemic, one of the best gaming experiences a gamer can have is when teamwork with you closest friends brings sweet, sweet victory or amusingly humiliating defeat.

Join us this week as we shotgun blast your ears with our numerous (and we mean numerous!) experiences with Co-Op gameplay. From video games to board games to tabletop RPG’s, we hit it fast, hard, and chaotic, just like Leeroy Jenkins himself. Plug in and listen up, because the Co-Op memories just keep coming!

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Episode 14 – Convention Experiences with. . . The David

One of the best parts of a new year, besides failing miserably at your resolutions by the second week of January, is the start of a whole new convention season.  Whether you are rabidly anticipating the “Geek Mecca” that is San Diego Comic-Con or like to keep it low-key and hit up your local favorites, we here at the Podcast love conventions, large and small.  From awesome (to awesomely bad) cosplay to getting mad-dogged by The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, hitting the convention circuit and reporting back to our listeners is definitely a top priority for the podcast monkeys this year.

Join us this week as we welcome our most seasoned Con-goer and close personal friend, The David from the Greenlandic Powerpop band The Maxies, as we recollect some highlights from convention trips past.  Grab your daily passes and stack up your swag while we dive into this week’s look at the convention experience.  It’s both chaotic and fun, just like the convention floor!

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