I Took a Stab at Conan and Conan Won


So, the crew over at Gamerstable wrapped up their Conan Character Submission Contest this week in preparation for their next Savage Worlds actual play podcast.  I (and apparently plenty of other gamers out there) caught wind of the contest and decided to jump headlong into the creation process, albeit with two minor problems.  The first problem, I had only ever created five Savage Worlds characters, so I’m pretty much a n00b to the system.  The second problem, the extent of my knowledge regarding the Conan universe is limited to the 1980’s films Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer.  Ignoring these minor inconveniences, I forged ahead (thanks to my copy of Hero Lab and plenty of time spent at the Conan Wiki).  Although I was not one of the lucky winners, I’m still proud of the characters I drafted and have decided to share them here, in all their fleshed out and statted glory.

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