Useless Drivel – Vibrating Raspberry Pi

Happy Belated Birthday to us!! While we’d like to say we were too busy partying last week to celbrate 6 full years of Monkey in the Cage Productions, we’d be straight-up lying. Nevertheless, the cast is back this week, so join you hosts Amanda, Robert, and The David as they take you on an auditory joy-ride through WTF land! Hold onto your butts, because it’s a brand new episode of Useless Drivel –  A Podcast Without a Point!

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A little late for Halloween but …

So in the last episode of our podcast we had our resident horror expert and writer for Troy Parsons. He mentioned one of the movies he really enjoyed was Trick ‘r Treat, so being the highly motivated go getter that I am, I decided to pull up the old Netflix instant queue and watch it from the comfort of my couch.

I have to say, I was really surprised with this movie. It’s honestly not that scary. There are a few times where something would jump and scare you, but the scares were on par with those old Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes on Nickelodeon. That being said, this was a great movie.

Hey look, pretty girls in the movie too.

Hey look, it's got pretty girls too.

Trick ‘r Treat takes place of the course of a single Halloween night in a town Ohio. The story follows multiple characters and multiple stories all in the same time frame, similar  to Pulp Fiction. The beginning sets the story up with the expectation of a simple slasher flick, but as the story progresses I was kept guessing as to who was the main villain, or even if there was one. Throughout the movie there are so many reveals for each story line that it never felt stagnant. I honestly can’t recommend Trick ‘r Treat enough. It is really a fun popcorn movie that is just enjoyable to watch.

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