Episode 97 – Gen Con 2013

Gen Con LolthWell, we actually managed to do it!  We got half of the Monkeys to Gen Con 2013 to represent the podcast, and not only was it “The best four days in gaming,” it was likely to be the best four days of the entire year!  Matt and Robert packed up their dice, grabbed all their cash, and shipped out some recording equipment to bring the MITC community a special episode straight from Gen Con, complete with special guests and fellow gamers Kevin and Sarah Smith!  So, butch up on your 80’s action flicks, make some room in your luggage, and prepare for a whole shuttle full of teh awesome as you get ready to listen to a brand new, limited edition, foil wrapped episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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A dildo bat and explosive bullets. It must be Saints Row!

Saints Row: The Third has been out for a couple weeks now and, I being the video game junky I am, have finally beat it.

Damn I'm sexy

Let me start off by saying Saints Row has a pretty in depth character creator. You can create anything from Dr. Manhattan to Hitler.  Just take a look at the gallery. You could spend hours tweaking every little nuance of your character to make the perfect you (or in my case, a more perfect me ).

I like to call this a schlong sword.

In this third installment of the series, they have ramped up the crazy on just about everything. You can’t go wrong with stripper assassins and auto tuning voiceboxes. After leveling up the weapons, they just start to get insane. You can have explosive pistol bullets, shotguns that light people on fire, and even Reaper drone missles.

The lovable, homicidal Professor Genki.

A new feature in Saints Row: The Third is the ability to level up based on the amount of respect you have earned. Leveling up in this game quickly makes you a completely overpowered killing machine and it is fun as hell. By the end of the game my character is completely invulnerable to all forms of damage and has infinite bullets and grenades. There is something soothing about having a mass amount of soldiers, tanks, and hover jets converge and try to kill you while you casually blow them up dual-wielding pistols.

If you enjoyed the other Saints Row games, or even the older versions of Grand Theft Auto, I suggest you pick up Saints Row: The Third.