Episode 68 – Uncaged 7: Monkey After Next

Uncaged 7 Monkey After Next

Hey loyal listeners!  It’s the end of the month, so you know what that means -it’s time for another episode of MITC Uncaged.  That’s right!  We’re breaking out and going top(ic)less to close out the month of January.  Join us this week as we discuss whatever the hell we want and it get’s all kinds of mainstream up in here.  What awaits your ears, only the geek and gaming gods know!  So, turn up the fire, make that hot cocoa “Irish,” and get ready for a long winter’s discussion full of death, cause we’re going to set your ears on fire on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

Oh, and P.S. – We know who is directing Star Wars VII, but MITC from the past didn’t…

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