Useless Drivel – The Man, The Myth, The Foreign Correspondent


Wow. Yeah. So, that happened… at least we made it Friday and the weekend!! Join your hosts Matt and Robert as they welcome a very special guest, Paul, the MITC Foreign Correspondent! Hell yeah, we’re getting international (and super sexy) up in here this week! Tune in as we talk all things ‘Straya, Bogan, and awesome with a friend from down under. Tune in and listen up, because Australia may be the place to go after listening to this week’s episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

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I hate what I’ve become!: The Dorito Taco

Recently Taco Bell decided to do a nationwide rollout of what could only be seen as the fast food version of peanut butter and chocolate. Behold the Doritos Taco!

Dorito Taco Holder

I ventured to my local Taco Bell and sheepishly ordered the Doritos Taco amongst many other items to hide my shame, but the girl behind the counter leveled a disapproving stare at me, knowing that later that evening I would be stuffing myself with this horrid invention.

Dorito Taco

I brought the abomination home with me and tentatively unwrapped it, revealing the neon orange shell inside. With pain in my heart and fear in my stomach I took my first bite of the top of the shell where it was mostly Dorito shell. It tasted vaguely of Doritos. Emboldened by this revelation I dug in to the meat of the taco by taking a bite with meat. It tasted like a normal Taco Bell taco. I originally intended to post a picture of my cheesy powdered fingers, but honestly there was so little powder on my fingers that it didn’t show up on camera.

At the end of the day I would rather pay less for a standard taco. I give the Doritos taco two rusty wagon wheels out of 12 cheesy poofs.