I hate what I’ve become!: The Dorito Taco

Recently Taco Bell decided to do a nationwide rollout of what could only be seen as the fast food version of peanut butter and chocolate. Behold the Doritos Taco!

Dorito Taco Holder

I ventured to my local Taco Bell and sheepishly ordered the Doritos Taco amongst many other items to hide my shame, but the girl behind the counter leveled a disapproving stare at me, knowing that later that evening I would be stuffing myself with this horrid invention.

Dorito Taco

I brought the abomination home with me and tentatively unwrapped it, revealing the neon orange shell inside. With pain in my heart and fear in my stomach I took my first bite of the top of the shell where it was mostly Dorito shell. It tasted vaguely of Doritos. Emboldened by this revelation I dug in to the meat of the taco by taking a bite with meat. It tasted like a normal Taco Bell taco. I originally intended to post a picture of my cheesy powdered fingers, but honestly there was so little powder on my fingers that it didn’t show up on camera.

At the end of the day I would rather pay less for a standard taco. I give the Doritos taco two rusty wagon wheels out of 12 cheesy poofs.