Useless Drivel – In Memory of Robin Williams

Robin-WilliamsThis week saw the loss of one of the worlds greatest comedians of all time, Robin Williams.  As horrible as the circumstances are around his passing, it is a situation that provides all of us in any form of entertainment large and small the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and the people we care about.  For all the manic comedy and apparent optimism Robin Williams put out into the world to entertain and inspire, he could never really shake the demons deep inside that haunted him until the end.  Look to the ones you love, those you call family and friends, and remember to be there for them and that they are there for you.

While the world is a far darker and sadder place without the wit and humor of Mr. Williams, let us all take a moment to remember a great entertainer and celebrate the life he lived.

Robin, this episode is for you.

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