Useless Drivel – OrcCon 2014 Recap

Pyongyang PodcastWhat has overpriced food, smells funky, and is full of memories?  No… it’s not that, it’s OrcCon 2014!  Join Robert and Matt this week as they recap their gaming adventures at the first Strategicon event of 2014.  Sure, the change in hotels wasn’t for the better and yeah, there is no going “nose deaf” fast enough, but that did not deter your intrepid hosts from getting their game on!  Plug in and check out as you are regaled by your hosts and their super awesome 4-hour alternate realities; you might actually not regret that you did.  Always awkward, somewhat listenable, and just a tad bit geeky, it’s a new episode of Useless Drivel, the podcast without a point!

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