The Curious Case of Gail Simone, or Why We Should be Worried about the Comics Industry

If you were online at all Monday, you may be aware that DC Comics released writer and creator Gail Simone from the “Batgirl” title.

My reaction: shock, fear, shock, disbelief, utter disappointment [for DC Comics], and a glimmer of excitement [Marvel, you are calling her, right?].

Gail Simone, if you are unaware of who she is, is one of the most popular writers at DCU. During her career she has written “Deadpool,” “Birds of Prey,” “Wonderwoman,” “The Secret Six,” and of course, “Batgirl.” She is among the loudest supporters of DCU and particularly of the New52. Gail has been out there waving the banner and beating the drum to encourage her loyal fans to continue after DC (for a lack of a better word) destroyed their continuity. She has had one of the most successful books of their run and THE most successful female-led book.  To top it all off, the most recent issues have been met with praise from fans and critics alike.

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Monkey Birthday Giveaway!

Monkey in the Cage’s 1st Birthday is fast approaching!  In honor of our upcoming Episode 52 we are giving away a copy of DC Comics The New 52 Hardcover Compilation!  That’s right you heard me right, folks!  The New York Times calls it, “Audacious.”  USA Today calls it, “Epic.”  And I am almost positive they are referring to this giveaway and not the book itself…

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Cute Is My Kryptonite

Mattel Polly Pocket DC Villains Set- 2012 Comic Con Exclusive

Whilst perusing the interwebz yesterday, I happened upon the announcement of some of the Comic Con Exclusives that will be offered this year.  I was giddy to see both the DC Polly Pockets and the Mattel Tiny Titans toys.

Mattel Tiny Titans, Death- 2012 Comic Con Exclusive

Then I realized that my ass will be stuck outside the Convention Center– badgeless.  So unless I can convince some unwitting convention-goer to obtain these awesomely cute items for me, I am out of luck.  Then I remembered that I am great at finding unique items and that Etsy is my best friend.

Behold, friends!  Prepare for geeky cuteness that you can purchase right here, right now!  That take, “Exclusivity!”

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3

Full body chills!  This is the trailer I have been waiting to see for the newest Batman flick.  Combine this trailer and recent love affair with the Batman comics and I am officially counting down the days!

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Art Appreciation

One thing I really love about the internet is how easy it is for artists of all mediums to share their work.  The unveiling of our new logo yesterday inspired me to feature the works of some great artists here on our site to help spread the artistic love.

Spider-Man by Dennis Salvatier

First, is the work of Dennis Salvatier.  Yes, the same designer of our awesome new logo!  You can check out all of his work over at Salvatier Studios or his deviantART page.  All these prints  are currently being sold in a mini set for only $15.00!

Harley Quinn & Catwoman both by Dennis Salvatier

The next two sets I found over at The Mary Sue.  They feature stories that make the geek girl in me proud.

Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker by Ingrid Aspock

Chief Brody & Jaws by Ingrid Aspock

The hug it out motif was a special Christmas Peace set released by Ingrid Aspock.  You can view the rest of the set at Ingrid Aspock’s site.

Finally, this set by Danny Haas features several iconic super heroines caught between their super identity and their cover identity or real identity.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman & Kara Zor-El/Supergirl both by Danny Haas

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl & Selina Kyle/Catwoman both by Danny Haas

I really enjoy these because they speak to the duality of women or I suppose that bi-polar personality that some women are accused of having.  Either way I like the style and found them rather unique.  The artist is selling these prints for about $18.00 each at his site.