Episode 98 – Why Pop Culture Matters


From the clothes we wear to the games we play, we are all individuals.  Unique, delicate little flowers chock-full of free will, self-determination, and our own thoughts, dreams, and ideas.  Well, ideally we could be bastions of individuality, free from influence, but then there’s that damn pop culture thing around every corner you turn!  BAM, it’s on your TV!  BANG, it’s in your closet! BOOM, it’s EVERYWHERE!!!  Join us this week as the Monkeys are joined by their special guest (and Matt’s wife), Nikki Fuller, and put on their thinking caps to discuss why exactly pop culture is something to be paid attention to!  So, turn on the dog channel, prepare for some disappointment, and curse the Hollywood casting calls as you prepare for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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