Useless Drivel – Guardians of the Uselessness

Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy Useless DrivelJust when you thought we were gone, we’re back at it!  Two weeks of not recording due to important life issues wasn’t enough to convince Robert and Matt to throw in the towel, so they saddled up to the mics and hit record for your listening pleasure.  You’ll be pleased to know that the two week lay off did absolutely nothing in the way of improving the quality of the show, but hey, if you wanted quality… let’s just say you know what you’re getting.  Strap in and relax as the Awesome Mix that is Useless Drivel washes over you like the irradiating power of an infinity stone!

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Episode 87 – Arrested Development


Now, the story of successful podcast that lost it’s sanity, and the faithful listeners who had no choice but to keep listening every week… It’s Monkey in the Cage!  Join us this week as we discuss the return of one of our all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development!  From the running gags and questionable morals to the pros and cons of the new season, we’re talking about the Bluths for your listening pleasure.  So, put on your $6300 dollar suit (COME ON!), shine up your awards from Army, and be on the look out for a Lucille as your get ready for some awesome Caged Wisdom on a brand new Monkey in the Cage!

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Episode 82: Iron Man 3


The summer blockbuster movie season has officially begun!  Last week’s release of Iron Man 3 has already seen it reach the second highest opening take behind Avengers, but, as always, not everyone is impressed (such is the way of us geeks)!  Join us this week as we discuss the movie, Robert Downey Jr., and all manner of geeky and Iron-y Man-y (yeah, it’s a thing) goodness.  Charge up your Unibeam, polish up the Mark XLII Armor, and get ready for some holiday cheer as we talk Iron Man 3 on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Episode 39 – The Goonies

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!  This week it’s a blast to the past and a chance at redemption as we’re joined in the Goondocks by none other than our very own Jared the Intern, fresh off the plane from the middle of nowhere (aka Missouri).  Join us as we discuss our geektastic viewing of the classic adventure film, The Goonies.  Grab your Baby Ruth, set booby-traps for the Fratellis, and Truffle Shuffle your way to somewhere comfortable as you prepare to hear our thoughts on the search for One-Eyed Willie’s gold on a whole new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Marvel Mutts

The Marvel Comics Collection by Chi WOW WOW

Marvel seems to be everywhere these days… and I mean everywhere.  We geeks love to support our favorite heroes by sporting their logos on various clothing items.  So why not deck our furry friends our in some heroic threads?

Chi WOW WOW has some awesome, and pricey, duds for the smaller dogs.  Admittedly, before the baby I probably would have considered these for our precious chihuahuas.  But if you are looking to be a bit more budget-friendly, PetSmart has some great stuff!

Bandanas for $6.00

The Avengers Tee $12.00

Wolverine Tee $12.00

Iron Man Tee $12.00

Captain America I Tee $12.00

Captain America II Tee $12.00

You can't forget the toys! $2.49-$10.00

Why not treat your pooch?  No doubt he’d be the first to volunteer to fight evil by your side, you know, once your superpowers kick in.