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Robert (Founder / Executive Producer / Co-Host / Audio Technician): Hello out there Internet land. I go by Robert and I like long walks on the beach, stormy nights, and the Oxford comma. I’m the hate filled one who is often told he lacks emotion, but whatever, I like playing games. Raised on an NES, I’ve spend the majority of my life playing games of one sort or another. If you have any questions, comments, or general hate mail send it to Matt. If you want to hear how awesome I am, send me an email at Robert@monkeyinthecage.com. Also, the only appropriate answer to any and all questions is “monkeys”. Twitter: @RobMITC



 Matt (Founder / Executive Producer / Co-Host / Web Admin): Hey there podcast fans!  I’m Matt, Monkey in the Cage’s resident Dwarf lover!  I’m a long-time D20 system player, but love everything from Savage Worlds and FATE to GURPS and HERO, particularly when I’m sharing the experience with other passionate gamers.  I was first introduced to RPGs in the days of AD&D 2E while away at summer camp, and role playing games have been a passion of mine ever since.  In addition to gaming, I’m a long-time student of modern and military history, an accomplished martial artist, husband, father, and dog lover.  I’m a fan of first-person shooters, the works of Mike Mignola (particularly Hellboy) and have a huge interest in the Steampunk genre as well as the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  All-in-all, I love the gaming experience, and hope to share that love through these productions with gamers young and old, from beginners to veterans.  Feel free to drop me a line anytime at Matt@monkeyinthecage.com or tweet me @FreeRangeGamer.




Jared “The Original Intern” Lightle – Midwest Correspondent / Journalist

Paul “The ‘Strayan Intern” Girvin – Foreign Correspondent / Journalist

Amanda “The Girlfriend” North – Resident Artist / Journalist

Nikki “Matt’s Mythological Wife” Fuller – Social Media Coordinator / Photojournalist / Journalist