Why the Veronica Mars Kickstarter is a Very Dangerous Idea


Let me start by saying I have no opinion about the show Veronica Mars. While I have been aware of the show, I have never watched an episode. I enjoy the star, Kristen Bell, and coincidentally, have in the past very much enjoyed the work of the actor who plays her father Enrico Colantoni in Just Shoot Me and Galaxy Quest. That being said, Veronica Mars is a show I just never got around to. Continue reading


Episode 65 – Best of 2012

065 Spiderpus

Are you exhausted?  Because we sure are!  2012 turned out be a geek’s best friend and it didn’t matter what your nerdgasm of choice was, either!  Be it movies, gaming, television, comics, or whatever else, 2012 surely did deliver… and there are absolutely no signs that 2013 is going to do any less.  Hell, it’s probably going to do more!  Join us this week as we gather around the mics and discuss what “got our geek” the most in the past year.  Prioritize your superheroes, stock up on convention passes, and be sure to try out a bit of the meatloaf as you settle in for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

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Possible Stories for Star Wars Episode 7

Disney has purchased Lucasfilm for 4 billion in dollars and stock options, and is already moving towards filming Star Wars episodes 7-9, with episode 7 to be released in 2015. Disney has already shown with the purchase of Marvel that they are more than capable of using an existing property to create high quality movies that generate lots of revenue, so the purchase of Lucasfilm makes sense. That being said, the fact that really matters is that George Lucas is going to take a step back and let a new generation of writers and filmmakers create the movies. Continue reading