Dr. Who Meets Star Wars: One Geek Girl’s Dream


What would happen if Dr. Who (my favorite is #11) ended up in the Star Wars universe? What if the Tardis landed on Tatooine? Most of you know that my geekdom is embedded in Star Wars, but I also love Dr. Who. With the recent Dr. Who Christmas Special, I keep thinking of what the good Doctor might run into if he was in the Star Wars universe. Continue reading


Disney Gets It’s First Modern Princess, From the Past

While we still wait for Disney to come up with a decent princess, oh wait.. now they have one:  Princess Leia.  Princess Leia is not your run of a mill princess, and neither is she your average political figure. Princess Leia, out of all the female influences in my childhood, had to be the one I looked up to the most. She is strong, confident, and beautiful.

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