Useless Drivel – The Useless and the Furious

Useless Drivel Furious 7What’s better than explosions, cars doing impossible stunts, and insane action all over the place? Nothing. What is the exact opposite of all that sort of awesome nonsense? This podcast. Join your hosts Robert and Matt this week as they discuss all the unimportant things happening in their lives. From potential life-threatening emergencies and superheroes to amazing car-porn and Westeros, it’s a little bit of everything with a whole lot of no fact-checking. It’s Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point.

TOPICS DISCUSSED – Bad Tattoo Reactions, Old Person Weddings, International Tabletop Day, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Daredevil, Furious 7, The Crow, Jason Statham, Game of Thrones Season 5, Silicon Valley, Wonder Woman, Psylocke Casting

Closing Song – See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – performed by Wiz Khalifa

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  1. We DID parachute a car out of the plane in Hujraad’s game. Sarah rode the car down (she was Chuck Norris). My character (Hulk Hogan) also parachuted his speedboat Thunder.

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