Useless Drivel – Goth Clubs and F-Bombs

Robert's TattooSo, the big question this week is:  How is it even possible to take a podcast that has no structure or direction and take it completely off the rails?  By adding friends to the mix, that’s how!  Join your hosts Matt and Robert this week as they’re joined by Tim and The David for an expletive riddled episode that, frankly, is damn near impossible to keep track of, but is one hell of a good time!  From tattoos and goth clubs to Australians and baby mugs, it’s a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – The Podcast Without a Point.

TOPICS DISCUSSED – The Flash, Arrow, Gorilla Grodd, CatCon LA, Goth Clubs, Tattoos, The Cool Baby, Danger 5, Star Wars Comics, Rock Band

Closing Song – What’s Going On – performed by SLACKCiRCUS