Useless Drivel – Don’t Jerk and Podcast

Lacrosse DouchebagsThe holiday season is hitting us all full-force, but we can’t be bothered with that, because there is podcasting to do, dammit!  Join Robert and Matt this week as they talk all sorts of nonsense including, but not limited to, douchebags, manly love, gaming, arguments, and motorcycles.  It’s all over this place, but, that’s par for the course, so, take a break from your obligatory holiday shopping and take a listen, you might just regret it less than going out shopping this time of year!  Get ready for a brand new episode of Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point!

TOPICS DISCUSSED – College Lacrosse, Don’t Jerk and Drive, Old Man Logan, TINY, Ender’s Game, The Mormon Church, Harley Sportster, Hero Forge, Pathfinder, Supernatural, Destiny: The Dark Below, World of Warcraft, X-men: Legacy

Closing Song – Hell – performed by Squirrel Nut Zippers

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  1. Re: Jerk and Drive: Our ICU Infection Control group decided to adopt “WTF” on rounds all the time..means “Why the Foley” to remind physicians to evaluate and remove foley catheters to prevent infections…but WTF is WAYYYYYY more fun to say and especially cool to say around crusty corporate folks…

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