Useless Drivel – The Danzig Nemesis System

Glenn Danzig Useless DrivelAww yeah!  Another week and we’re bringing it to you slow and awkward, only this time it’s a threesome of geekdom!  This week, Matt and Robert are joined by their friend Tim, tattoo artist extraordinaire, to talk about all manner of random and useless things.  From Danzig and DC to Marvel and Mordor, we’ll be whispering sweet goodness into your ears until you can’t take it anymore.  So, light some candles, play some metal, and snuggle up with your kittens as you get ready to be moderately entertained by Useless Drivel – A Podcast Without a Point.

TOPICS DISCUSSED – WebMD, Glassholes, Celebrity Conspiracy Theories, Glenn Danzig, Fury, James Bond, Superman vs Batman, Aquaman, Bikers vs. ISIS, Mad Max, How I Met Your Mother FinaleRoseanne Finale, The Flash, Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation

Closing Song – Shakira Featuring Danzig Hips Dont Lie

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