Vagabond Gamers – Spirit of ’77: Cruise Ship of the Damned Actual Play, Part 1

Cruise Ship of the DamnedDavid Bowie, Colonel Sanders, and the Captain of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders all take a ride on The Love Boat… and then it got weird.  No, it’s not a joke, it’s the very first Actual Play Podcast from MITC Productions!  When the guys who created the Spirit of ’77 game first asked us to review their work, all it took was one look at the pre-gen characters to know that this would be epic!  So strap on your life vest, secure your portholes, and be sure to swab the poop deck as you cast off to adventure with Gemini, Colonel Colgrove, and Sammy Summers in part one of Spirit of ’77 – Cruise Ship of the Damned!

GM and Editor Notes:  Not only was this the first G+ game I’ve ever ran, it was also the first Apocalypse World based game I’ve ever ran.  Rules purists will likely be appalled, and I found the addition of technology to be an extra challenge when it came to GMing.  Also, this actual play was my first try at editing audio using Audacity, with only my webcam to act as a microphone, seeing as all the Useless Drivel recording equipment is with Robert.  All in all, I think I did a decent job on both counts (GMing and editing), but all credit goes to Jason, Brent, and Kevin for being awesome players and friends and to Bob and Dave, the creators of Spirit of ’77.  Enjoy!

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Closing Song – Grisly Reminderby Midnight Syndicate

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2 thoughts on “Vagabond Gamers – Spirit of ’77: Cruise Ship of the Damned Actual Play, Part 1

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  2. Great broadcast guys! I’m glad you all enjoyed the game.

    …and to answer the question about why cigarettes aren’t on the inventory for Sammy, it’s the 1970’s, cigarettes are just assumed to be in everyone’s inventory.

    Looking forward to part 2!

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