Episode 99 – TV Then and Now


If you’ve been listening to the last 98 episodes (and you should have been), then you, awesome listener, know that we here at To-Ag Studios sure do love our television watching.  We love it so much, we couldn’t help ourselves in comparing how the great television programming of yesterday has become the even awesome-er television programming of today!  Join us this week as we talk about what has worked, what has changed, and what downright stinks! So shoot some vermin, become a friend of Dorothy’s, and prepare for a “Sexy Time Assemble!!’ on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:15) – Matt get’s his sci-fi on, space funerals, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is real! – Elysium, Elysium Space, and DARPA Drones.  Also, Avengers Sex Toys!?!?

(10:00) – Ramses talks about renting toys, exterminator fail, and James Bond Sexy Time.  Plus, the Ramen Bun Burger!

(17:06) – Robert beats another game and battles his newfound illiteracy. – Shadowrun Returns and the works of Stephen King

(24:35) – Karen reports on Ramses dream come true, Neil Gaiman steps into the game world, and the Wizard of OZ is coming back to TV. – All You Can Arcade, Wayward Manor, Warriors of OZ, and Dorothy

(32:35) – Sea World is evil… Pure, pure evil… – Blackfish and The Cove

(38:12) – It’s topic time!  We start off the discussion with the age of sitcoms and classic re-runs and why they stick around.  Also, our generation is the generation of change, the separate tiers of “Cable TV,” and the internet filling niches.

(46:30) – Network TV is no longer the king, The Real World, the two sides of reality TV, and the idea of “quality polarization.”

(50:20) – Too much of a good thing, binge watching, and watching on the viewers terms.  Also, Bill Clinton ruined cartoons and kids these days have it so much better… or is it just different?

Closing Song – The Fishin’ Hole

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2 thoughts on “Episode 99 – TV Then and Now

  1. I’m a bit younger than you all but I still fall firmly in what I consider to be a bridge generation between TV watching now and then. I didn’t have cable\satellite until I was in Junior High, didn’t really watch a ton of TV until Saturday Morning of course. Syndication made it really difficult for me to know whether something was new or old (like Ramses’ experience) but I didn’t really care. Once we had satellite (we lived in the country), I remember learning the joy of having so many channels to choose from that I felt overwhelmed. Still had to be on time though. My brother and I had a half mile walk home once we got off our two hour long bus ride from school and we used to sprint the entire thing so as to not miss any Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. We always seemed to miss the first ten minutes too, so those were just ten minutes we never saw.

    I see how my daughter today watches shows and it just makes my head spin to consider what it has to be like to never have to settle for what’s on right now. She knows what Netflix is, she gets the concept and she is 3. I was looking for a DVD she wanted to watch the other day and she flat out told me “Dad, we don’t have the disc, it’s on Netflix”. She probably won’t notice when we get rid of cable in October, she’ll just keep watching Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime like us. I often wonder how this will affect her generation when it comes to the feelings of entitlement I, and many people my age, already deal with.

    I know I keep rambling but talking about the way we grew up vs. the way kids are growing up today reminded me of a conversation I had with a 14 year old about 2 years back. She was going to be babysitting our daughter (this girl was 14 going on 30) and she launched into a conversation about cell phones, she had one of course. Somewhere along the line I mentioned the fact that I didn’t have a cell phone until after I graduated High School, so I was 18. Her eyes boggled a bit and she asked me “How did you know when your parents were going to be home from work?” So I said that we just knew they were usually home by a certain time. This prompted her to ask me what I did when they didn’t get there at their usual time, who did I call. I said no one, if something went wrong we just assumed someone would get a hold of us. I could tell the concept of not being a phone call or text away from anyone at any time really sat scary with her. Crazy.

    The tech changes that have occurred since I was a kid are increasingly crazy to me. I didn’t have Internet, Cell Phones, GPS, Cable, DVR, etc. Truly some remarkable advances in tech. Can’t wait to see what else is down the line eh?

    Cool podcast this week guys!

  2. I can remember waking up early every morning before school in order to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Samurai Pizza Cats. Then as I got a bit older my brother and I would watch Dragon Ball Z before we headed off to school. There were more than a few days when I got to school a few minutes late because I had to find out what would happen next week!

    I also remember waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, because the best cartoons were on Saturday. Transformers, Dino Riders, Dinosaucers, TaleSpin, those were the days.

    I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 16 or 17, which coincided with me getting my licence, so I think that if I was going to be driving around, my parents wanted me to have a phone. It was an old bricky Nokia too, so it’s crazy seeing 10 year olds with iphones these days.

    I also still remember the day when my family got Foxtel (our version of cable TV down here). I was amazed by the sheer amount of channels! And the fact that we were getting TV shows direct from other countries! Ahh, the good old days….

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