Episode 96 – Uncaged 14: The Fourteenth One



Hey all you out there in Podcastland, welcome to the MisinformationCast!!  Wait, what’s that?  You’re looking for Monkey in the Cage??  Well you found them, only we here at To-Ag Studios wonder how the Monkeys even found their way to the mics to record!  Join us this week as we talk about whatever the hell we want, all of it true, most of it factually (and geographically) incorrect!  So, dig yourself outta that grave, ride a shark to safety, and hop on your super-powered big wheel as you get ready to be confused by a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(00:26) – Oceania is a thing and other things are no longer things.

(02:30) – Matt needs to wash his ass… or has been cursed by gypsies… – Gogol Bordello, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, and American Gypsies

(05:21) – The Challenger Disaster and Robert is officially undead. – Deadlands: Reloaded

(08:51) – Shark Week Returns, but possibly on the wrong channel. – Megalodon and Mermaids: The Body Found.  Plus, Matt is a Swimming Ape.

(13:00) – Robert and Ramses finish and almost finish Assassin’s Creed III and we talk about the epic Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition.

(19:30) – Ramses finds a new way for the gang to kill themselves, Matt was a jealous child, and Ramses’ love can’t be bought. – The High Roller

(23:03) – Karen has left this world for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS.

(27:47) – More Shark Week, Tara Reid is an idiot, and we talk moonshine!  Also, Ghost Shark and the New York Subway Shark.

(36:10) – Matt and Robert talk about going to GenCon this week… literally, the process involved with getting there and getting around…

(48:28) – Robert has some podcasts lined up for his long flights too and from the con. – Stuff You Should Know and TechStuff  Also, high school history nostalgia!

(52:10) – Ramses fails at geography and kids be hoodlums!  Plus, Florida starts it’s own Hunger Games and the TV show Capture.

(58:57) – Robert plays a “Pillow Queen” of an iOS game. – Fantasy Flight’s Talisman

Closing Song – Holding Out for a Hero – performed by Bonnie Tyler

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3 thoughts on “Episode 96 – Uncaged 14: The Fourteenth One

  1. Thought I should get onto this one quickly guys.

    According to Wikipedia (the most reliable source of info on the net) Oceania is a region centred on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Although, apparently it is also a continent comprising Australia and the surrounding islands. So by the sounds of it, it’s both a region and a continent.

    At school we were taught that Oceania is a region and Australia is a continent, but this is a fair while ago and like you guys said things change. I too fondly remember the days when Pluto was a planet.

  2. “The Man” had been trying to ruin childhoods since proving the Earth was round. “Tis flat, I say!” 😉 Stupid science.

  3. Urgh, damn The Man! That dude ruins everything!

    Also, that Moonshiners show is great. I just sit there and giggle when it’s on while the girlfriend just sits there and shakes her head.

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