Episode 94 – Video Games: Then and Now


If you’ve ever listened to an episode of this show, then you know the Monkeys here at To-Ag studio are a nostalgic bunch, especially when it comes to gaming.  Join us this week as we talk about our experiences in the gaming generation and our take on how games have evolved in the relatively small span of 30 years.  So, hire yourself a running coach, check out your fat-lympic ranking, and bow before King Joffrey as you prepare for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:36) – Ramses brings us some disturbing phone news, asks Karen for a “good time,” watches Blanka mess people up, and Mexico is #1! – The Human Slingshot

(11:20) – Robert reads some books by some guy, get’s his DLC on, and is amazed by running. The Chronicles of Amber, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

(21:22) – Matt has a hateful addiction, storms the beaches at Normandy, and completes a classy collection. – Candy Crush, Frontline Commando: D-Day, and Hellboy Library Edition Volume 6

(28:30) – Karen is impressed by the Iron Throne, reads up on one of Neil Gaiman’s latest works, and bad Community news. – The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Donald Glover, and Childish Gambino

(36:02) – It’s topic time!  Robert leads us off with a discussion on the rise of casual gaming and smartphones, PlayStation Vita vs. Nintendo DS, and the evolution of game controls.

(40:21) – Does the internet trump difficulty? – Mega Man, Demon Souls, and Battletoads

(43:32) – We talk time and accessibility to complete a game, the evolution of game rental, and the death of couch co-op? – Donkey Kong Country and Rainbow Six

(48:04) – Ramses longs for secrets, cheats, and oddities. – Shining Force, Mario Kart 64, and Awesome Glitches

(52:29) – Video game movie tie-ins just ain’t what they used to be. – Lord of the Rings, Captain America: Super Soldier, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hellboy: Science of Evil, Spawn, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(55:52) – With age comes perspective and games transcending generations. – Medal of Honor, Super Mario 3, and Legend of Zelda

Closing Song – Super Mario Rapperformed by Tariq

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One thought on “Episode 94 – Video Games: Then and Now

  1. I miss co-op play sitting next to someone. My better half and I have been playing some Ratchet and Clank All 4 One. It brings back some memories of the good ol’ days. In fact, I very rarely play anything online multiplayer, unless it’s on the computer. The last few times I tried, I got cussed out by adolescents, and it was quite annoying.

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