Episode 89 – Man of Steel


Look!  Up in the air!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane! It’s a flying dude with more muscles than he knows what to do with!  That’s right kiddos, the “Superhero Summer” continues as this week we discuss the new incarnation of pop-culture’s first heroic icon.  We’re joined in-studio by our special three-peat guest – artist extraordinaire and comic book aficionado Dennis Salvatier!  Be sure to ditch those red undies, work out your back-pecs, and practice punching people into ghosts as you prepare for a brand new super adventure on this week’s Monkey in the Cage!

Also, be sure to support Dennis in his artistic career and check out his site here! – Salvatier Studios and Tanoshiboy.com (and buy some awesome art!)

(01:25) – Matt accomplishes the best/worst challenge of his life and gets completely politically incorrect. – Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour and Therapy Dog Training

(06:48) – Dennis is obsessed with Game of Thrones and keeps getting informed (and spoiled) with the help of ComicBookGirl19.  Also, Greyson gets traumatized and the old DC comics rack up bucks for Comixology.

(14:38) – Ramses brings some Superman-centric physics to the table and needs a workplace violence seminar, courtesy of Jungle Island.  Plus, Disney movies get honest titles.

(22:08) – We pay our respects to James Gandolfini, one of Karen’s favorite comics gets a movie deal, and Mary Jane gets the axe! – Locke & Key Movie and The Amazing Spiderman 2  Plus, Justin Bieber has a monkey (and adult populace) problem.

(27:27) – Robert reports on Microsoft’s Xbox One 180 and was surprised by World War Z.


(34:16) – It’s topic time!  Ramses gets serious, Matt and Karen both come to terms with the character, and Robert’s expectations aren’t met.  Plus, we discuss the vignette format of Clark Kent finding himself and Superman being humanized.

(42:01) – Robert expresses what would have worked for him and Dennis talks about the Kryptonian colonization back story with Kara Zor-El.  Plus, we discuss some of the “broken” aspects of the film and casting choices.

(48:30) – We talk about the directing choices made with Johnathan Kent, the Superman “concept,” and what’s in store for Clark Kent.  Also, Superman the Peeping-Tom and DC Universe cameos.

(54:16) – We discuss the controversial ending, the idiocy of the citizens of Metropolis, and the morality play of Superman’s choice.  Plus, we talk about the predetermined course of Kryptonians.

(1:02:56) – Robert feels the set-up of General Zod was well-executed, we debate why the Kryptonians were so strong, and we speculate on the sequel.  Plus, Faora is bad ass!

Closing Song – Superman – written and performed by Goldfinger

. . . . .