What are YOU doing at Gen Con? – Part 1

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Gen Con 2013 is just around the corner, and I’m already losing sleep from the building excitement.  Making it to Gen Con has been high on my gamer bucket list for close to two decades and in only a few short months, I’ll finally get to experience the geektastic event that is “the best four days in gaming.”  Event registration was a little over a week ago, and while I didn’t get into every event I had hoped for, I was actually surprised I made it into the majority.  Here’s a quick run-down of my Gen Con schedule for Thursday August 15th, which includes the event description and my first impressions of what lies in store.

Utinni’s New Hope

Sith Ewok

“Capturing a transport filled with Sith ewoks and gungans means only one thing – road trip. It’s off to Endor to find the source of the evil threatening your clan.  Clan Bunto is now able to take their trade to the stars thanks to your groups quick thinking and heroic deeds. A space crawler means trading with other planets. But more importantly, you now have the means to finally track down the source of the threat to your clan. Is Endor the final stop on your quest, or just one more piece to the puzzle…. ” – Game ID: RPG1341357

So, I have to admit, this was my third choice for the Thursday 8:00 am time slot, coming in behind a Shadowrun session for beginners and a Victoriana game set on a submarine.  Be that as it may, I’m still excited to play Utinni’s New Hope because of two words – Sith Ewoks.  I’ve never had the opportunity to play the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG, but it look’s like I’ll get my chance, and maybe mix it with (or as) those horrendous muppets turned dark side!

True Dungeon Adventures – Lycans’ Afoot


“Your adventure challenges your party with treading through a dark cursed forest to find the tower of a mad gnome Tinkerer. This is the 1st adventure of this year’s two-part epic event. Your event starts in a medieval inn where your party will have a private room with a TD Coach to prepare for your quest. Your event is a two-hour adventure where you must journey through a dark cursed forest to find the tower of a mad gnome tinkerer. You will face challenging puzzles and pulse-pounding combats with monsters while immersed in a dark forest setting.”Game ID: TDA1347832

Word on the street is that this True Dungeon gig is kind of a big deal at Gen Con.  It was the single most expensive event I registered for, but it sounds like it’s going to be well worth the cost.  From what I’ve seen and read, it seems to be where LARPing, RPGs, mazes, and Corporate Team-Building exercises all intersect.  I’m looking forward to it.

Numenera Launch!

Numenera Landscape

“Come join the creative team behind the brand new RPG Numenera and learn what it’s all about, get some behind the scenes stories, and maybe even get free stuff.”Game ID: SEM1345848

Now, I’ve made no secret of how frickin’ excited I am for the release of Numenera.  It’s the Kickstarter I’ve been most expectant of and it was torture not being able to jump on board the PC game version Torment: Tides of Numenera.  I kept my eye on the prize, saving those precious dollars to use toward Gen Con, and it looks like my discipline may pay off.  Given the state of Kickstarter returns, I’m doubtful that I’ll have my hands on my incoming limited edition Core Rulebook, but I’ll at least be in the audience to see what Monte Cook has in store for us Numenera Fanboys!

Secrets of Naishou

L5R Samurai

“Explore secrets of the Naishou Province of Rokugan! Visit its courts, spar in its dojo, and save it from ruin. A con premier tie-in to Secrets of the Empire, releasing at Gen Con and L5R RPG swag kit. Less than one year ago, the governor of the Naishou province died under mysterious circumstances. A member of the Imperial families was appointed to take his place. Months later, the governor’s court has become a tension-filled battleground as the clan that claims ownership of the province attempts to regain control. The province’s defenders have become diversified to the point that they serve the Imperial families more so than the Great Clans. The presence of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and a large number of ronin within the province complicates the matter. Tempers run high and danger lurks just below the surface throughout the entirety of the province. Into this powder keg comes a small group of samurai, seeking only honor and glory for their families and clans, but instead may find themselves embroiled in a political battle for control of Naishou, with danger lurking in every shadow.” – Game ID: RPG1343723

I’ve never played Legend of the Five Rings, but how can you go wrong with a Samurai RPG?  This was another high price ticket for a single event, but the opportunity to finally take this awesome game and setting for a whirl AND come away with swag was not to be missed.  I’ve been listening to the Happy Jacks RPG L5R Actual Play Podcast and I’ve got to say, this game is in the running for the next game I plan on buying books for and likely never running.

So, it looks like my Thursday is going to be pretty full.  Considering I fly into Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon and am likely to spend the evening in an establishment named The Ram with @RobMITC and the crew from the Gamerstable podcast, chances are my first full day at Gen Con will be memorable, if I survive it!

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  1. SO freaking jealous of your AEG events. I didn’t get into the board game night and I can’t make it for the L5R game.

  2. There are some L5R games going on Saturday. Check them out and if you want we can get into one together.

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