Episode 84 – Bringing a Game to Life


Gamers want to feel immersed and invested in the games they play and run.  Now, while this responsibility can be shared by Players and GMs alike, it will almost certainly falls on the shoulders of the overburdened GM.  Bringing something unique and memorable to the gaming table – be it a prop, ambiance, or even food – will definitely stay in the forefront of the Players minds, unlike useless details such as “Where are we?” or “What are we supposed to be doing?” or “What was the name of the guy that hired us?”  Join us this week as we welcome our special guest, MITC listener and fellow podcaster JiB of the Happy Jacks RPG community to talk about techniques to help bring a game to life.  Strap on a HazMat suit, clean out your test tubes, and be sure to have a plan as you get ready for an all new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:20) – Ramses cons JiB into buying him a burger, and we talk about Taco Bell Waffle Tacos and exploiting the handicapped!  Plus, Wolverine XXX!

(10:07) – Matt and Robert have vastly different GenCon event registration experience. Also, Matt spends some quality time in Rokugan. – Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play

(16:26) – JiB is in full game-prep mode for Gamex 2013, and we talk discuss different game systems – HERO System, Traveller, and World of Darkness

(21:34) – Robert has a new movie addiction and gets around to some board gaming. – Fast Five and The Lost Dutchman

(29:20) – Internet Hate Machine, 1.  Zombieland, 0.  Also, Karen brings us some awesome Pixar news and possibly the greatest move ever… EVER. – Toy Story of Terror and Medieval Times: The Movie

(36:40) – It’s topic time!  Robert leads us off with a discussion on the influence of Savage Worlds from decks of cards to custom bennies.

(40:18) – Karen and JiB lead us in a discussion of the process of immersion, which apparently means food and almost-LARPing. Plus, music!

(44:12) – JiB talks about the importance of keeping the RP going when the minis come out and keeping perspective.

(45:47) – Matt loves him some maps, Google Image search is amazing, and exploiting the Players senses is key.  Corpse perfume, anyone?

(50:05) – Give the Players what they want (to see) and the challenge of setting the mood.  Plus, the MITC crew is VERY newsworthy.

(59:10) – Props can be a (literal) game changer.  Also, unique character sheets, game prep, and everyone gets blow’d up!

Closing Song – The Zombie Song – written and performed by Stephanie Mabey

. . . . .