Episode 79 – Uncaged 10: Monkeys Take Manhattan


You know what time it is, Monkey Lovers?  It’s time for the MITC crew to light up To-Ag Studios with as much nonsensical craziness that can be packed into a one hour show!  That’s right, were going uncaged this week to talk about… well… pretty much everything!  Grab yourself a hunk of marsupial meat, hold off on entering that Ryan Seacrest look-alike contest, and get ready for some snakes in the face as you join us for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(02:27) – Matt got his hands on a test copy of Foxtrot Games’ Relic Expedition and the gang talk about throwing snakes in each others faces! Back the Kickstarter here!

(08:13) – Underwater Robert upgrades his computer and get’s his Tomb Raider on, just like Conan!

(12:50) – From metrosexuals to jerks, we discuss the late-night shake-up and multiple tangent on various talk-show/TV personalities.

(18:58) – We talk about the latest controversies surrounding the upcoming Xbox 720.

(24:03) – Batman: Arkham Origins is coming, just in time for Halloween.  Put on your Joker masks, boys and girls!  Plus, Charlie Hunnam as The Flash AND Constantine?

(28:14) – What’s that on the horizon?  A perfect game for Robert! – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

(31:08) – Marriage proposals: nerdy and ridiculous!  Also, Death by Beaver, Mutant Wasps, and 1500 ladybugs?

(42:07) – Jeremy Irons is creepy-crazy, questionable family arrangements, and extreme kidnapping: worst idea ever!

(48:52) – Ramses gives our number one Aussie listener a shout-out for his awesome down-under reporting!  Naked bets and kangaroo steaks, mate!

(52:10) – Robert takes the Hero Lab app for a spin and the kids grow up (and make you look bad) so fast.

(55:37) – Museums just got awesome(er?), thanks to 3D printers!

Closing Song – Danger Zone – performed by Kenny Loggins


2 thoughts on “Episode 79 – Uncaged 10: Monkeys Take Manhattan

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks so much for the shout out, I’m glad you guys like the crazy Aussie news stories I send, I’ll make sure to keep em’ coming.

    Also, despite kangaroos looking pretty gristly, their meat is actually quite tender. It’s also better for you than beef, it’s got lots of protein and it’s low in fat.

  2. I meant to add; I’ve always wanted to see Charlie Hunnam cast as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider in a reboot of that series, but I think he’d make a pretty great Constantine too. He’d be able to use his real accent!

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