Episode 78 – NPC’s, Allies, and Adversaries


NPCs; they are the lifeblood of any adventure, campaign, or gaming world.  Sure, the story is created by the actions of the Player Characters, but without NPCs, who would the heroes turn to for help, sell all their (sometimes ill-gotten) treasures off too, or shiv prison-style in a back-alley for some easy XP?  Join us this week as we jump back almost two decades to discuss some of the memorable NPCs – allies, adversaries, and otherwise – from our epic AD&D 2nd Edition campaign!  Ready your fantasy cellphones, lock down that split-personality disorder, and for the sake of your family take out a life insurance policy as you prepare for an all new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(02:27) – Ramses and Matt are late to the meme game, tries another get-rich-quick scheme, and loves him some bodywash advertising. – Vadering, The Spanish MeteoriteSuper Spice Bros. 2.  Plus, quality arcade time with the kid!

(09:17) – Robert gets his movie on, talks the end of an era, and the return of a classic. – Indie Game: The Movie, the LucasArts Shutdown, Star Wars 1313, and the return of Arrested Development!

(16:55) – Robert and Matt discuss their experiences at WonderCon 2013. – Duck Tales Remastered, Kristin KreukVikings Season 2, and occupying all the time of the Fez-o-Rama crew.

(27:18) – Ramses sets up a “podcaster blind date” between Matt and Francis the OtherGuy of Geek Love Radio and A Critical Moment of Awesome.  Also, Cthulhu Lives (in the stomachs of termites)!

(31:01) – Karen reads us a listener/usurper e-mail, more giant spiders, awesome Disney news, and Marvel casting news! – Sri Lanka Tarantula, Finding Dory, Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

(40:17) – It’s topic time!  Matt leads us off with a discussion of the Player Character’s allies, including a Forgotten Realms heavy-hitter, Strasus “The Bold” Thingolier… may he rest in peace.

(43:27) – One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of our campaign – playing and interacting with the Bizarro-world version of our own PCs, NPCs from another world, and hating Mario Lopez.

(48:45) – Karen: The Joss Whedon of GMing, NPCs of Rokugan, and Matt takes an NPC sideways.

(52:45) – We switch the conversation over to the villains, including a big-bad we treated with absolute indignity, but paid a price for. – Iritar “The Dark” of Calaunt

(56:24) – A former Player Character emerges as a major villain, complete with a Drow entourage and Matt botches an encounter AND combat.  Plus, an undead Red Wizard of Thay.

(1:00:30) – Oddball NPCs are the best NPCs.

Closing Song – Legacy – written and performed by The Gone Jackals

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One thought on “Episode 78 – NPC’s, Allies, and Adversaries

  1. I feel you, Karen. I had a 2 1/2 year 3.0 D&D game where it came down to an epic confrontation with a demon that had captured all of the elemental dragon gods. The battle was set up with an epic leadup with the only character to survive the entire 2 1/2 years. Cameos of characters from the past, tearful moments from the players (not the characters), and an epic description of their final journey together…ended with a crit with a vorporal weapon. This character had this weapon for many, many, many months and could never get a confirmed crit unless it was against something that was immune to critical hits.

    Needless to say the epic ending to my game was extremely anti-climactic, and I needed a few moments to regain my composure.

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