Episode 75 – Uncaged 9 – Monkey: The Great and Powerful


Step right up boys and girls, step right up! Prepare to be astounded and amazed, excited and entertained, overwhelmed and occupied by the freakish sights that only your ears can behold!  That’s right folks, were going uncaged this week, so there’s no rules, no order, and no stopping the freakshow geek show!  Join us this week as we discuss a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole bunch of other stuff!  Open up your pocket books, get in tune with your psychic side, and kiss the bearded lady good-bye as you settle in for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage.

(01:51) – Karen leads us off with a talk about the awesomely successful Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter (you’re welcome) and Matt digs a deep, deep hole.  We also pontificate on the possibilities of other crowd-funded TV Shows/Movies and Kristen Bell’s career.

(07:45) – Marvel, NOW! breaks ComiXology, Robert reads the worst comic ever, FF (Future Foundation), and the SimCity release bombs!  Plus, we attempt to get Karen addicted to Clash of Clans.

(16:10) – The Boy Scouts love “Gaming” but still hate “Gay-ming,” so we think up a much better alternative.  Also Matt is and watched Wreck-it Ralph and we discuss the epic mediocrity of OZ: The Great and Powerful.  Plus, flying animals.

(25:46) – Babies are Jerks: Proven by Science!  Also, Kmart hates sharks and Matt hates midgets.

(31:59) – WonderCon 2013 is just around the corner and there are some epic talk-fights a-comin’! – Star Trek vs. Star Wars and Zombie Apocalypse Litigation

(35:04) – Robert spends St. Patrick’s Day Eve with The Poxy Boggards and The Merry Wives of Windsor and we do Stevie Wonder impersonations.

(38:08) – Karen gives one of our listeners a shout-out and sends us the gift of pain.  Thanks, Ryan! – The Pocket Shock-It

(43:17) – Even though HIV was cured this week, Ramses has news on a way more important scientific breakthrough: The Bread Cheese Bacon Cheeseburger!

(45:47) – Plague Pits, Dead Kings, and the MurderCast, oh my!

(50:29) – Robert pulls a Matt. – Dead Space 3 and Civilization V

(52:39) – Hannah Simone is kinda a bitch. – New Girl, PaleyFest, and Hulu Plus

(55:30) – Robert finishes Batman: A Death in the Family, but has some problems with the bigger story, and we decide to not be spoiler-y (this week).

Closing Song – Sugar Rush – performed by AKB48

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7 thoughts on “Episode 75 – Uncaged 9 – Monkey: The Great and Powerful

  1. I’ve seen pictures of that place in the past. It’s totally creepy, but great visual inspiration for gaming. I’m making a note of that for future adventures. Thanks for listening!

  2. The girlfriend is happy to hear you guys didn’t enjoy OZ either.

    On a similar note, I’m very happy that I didn’t go with her to see it.

  3. Her review of the movie goes live on the site tomorrow morning, or this afternoon for you future-people in Australia.

  4. That’s great news, she’ll be very happy to hear that! Then everyone can dump on the movie together!

    If only we were far enough into the future to have hoverboards. Unfortunately we have to wait like the rest of the world.

  5. I saw Oz last weekend, and I enjoyed it, mostly. It seemed to me that James Franco was doing his best Jay Baruchel impression the whole time, but whatever. The ONE thing that really soured the third act was Mila Kunis. It’s especially disappointing because I always enjoy Mila Kunis (I mean, look at her), but she was not the correct casting choice at all. She just couldn’t play that part well, andit really brought the movie down.

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