Episode 73 – Steel and Magic Adventuring Company

Steel and Magic Adventuring Company

Every Player has memories of their first character, their first adventure, and their first adventuring party.  For some, those memories are brief – a goblin spear here, a trapped hallway there, a prick of a GM behind the screen, etc. – while for others they last weeks, months, and even years.  For us here at To-Ag Studios, that first true adventuring party lasted for half a decade, and in that five years, WE MUNCHKINED THE F— OUT!!!  Join us this week as we step back through the edition wars and discuss the origins and developments of our original Dungeons & Dragons characters.  From obscenely powerful equipment and weapons to an utter lack of regard for those silly things called rules, we reminisce (and surprise ourselves too!) about the old adventuring days.  Dial up those combat bonuses, stack on those magical enhancements, and be sure to keep a chipmunk skull close at hand as we discuss the Steel and Magic Adventuring Company on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(02:01) – Ramses delivers the best of the internet with a new way to “consume” FunDips, the best of bad parenting, and Finland is the heart of the Galactic Empire.

(07:24) – Robert leads a discussion on Ultimate Spider-Man and we talk about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4.  Plus, we cost Karen and Ramses money.

(19:44) – We talk about the Summer return of Whose Line is it Anyway?; Karen and President Obama find common ground; and Ubisoft raises the Jolly Roger with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

(25:45) – Matt gets excited for bad TV, attempts to talk trash on worse TV, and then he kicks illiteracy in the nuts! – Robot Combat League, CULT, The Hobbit, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay

(34:55) – It’s topic time!  We start off discussing the original Monkey in the Cage marketing strategy, and Robert introduces us to the many iterations of his elf, Sir Seph /Seph Strongblade /Strongbow / Icearrow, the fantasy version of Soviet Russia’s nuclear arsenal.  Also, Karen explains the “why” behind our ridiculous Munchkin-ness and Matt leads us through the original path to epicness.

(40:47) – Matt introduces the listeners to Sir Razumihin Silverpick, his Mountain Dwarf drunkard turned Prophetic Hero and Avatar of Clangeddin Silverbeard.  Oh, and he’s got so much back-story, his back-story has back-story… complete with a hand-written tome

(44:07) – Ramses, like Robert, had an identity crisis during edition changes with Lusion Everblade turned Lusion Evenblade turned Lusion Makura, which wasn’t even his real Rokugan name.  Oh, and he was a pyromaniac Sylvan Elf turned Human ninja/samurai master of unarmed combat!

(46:55) – We tangent on the fact that Robert was the original Sephiroth and finally let Karen introduce the world to the super Charismatic (26!) Whirling Blades o’ Death, aka. Doania Daftheart, Elven Ranger of Candlekeep!  Plus, we discuss the bloodshed that lead to the party formation in The Forgotten Realms and the confusion of multiple attacks in 2nd Edition AD&D.

(51:41) – Our discussion of Karen’s Superpowered Two-Bladed Sword evolves into a talk about our character’s planned paths and the boons that came with them, a la Final Fantasy TacticsUrdunnir, nemesis’, and SWAGSWAGSWAGSWAG.

(55:03) – We reflect on the characters longevity, check out Karen’s DM cheat-sheet, Robert reveals how broken the Bladesinger class was and how we gave him carte blanche to be a Sorcerer before they existed in 3rd edition.  Plus, Traits and Disadvantages!

(1:00:27) – We close it out with the random magic items we had and how everyone in The Forgotten Realms knew us.

Closing Song – D&D – performed by Stephen Lynch and Mark Teich

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