Episode 69 – Mundane vs. Powered

Mundane vs. Powered

When it comes to tabletop RPGs, the world the game is set in usually dictates the choices a Player has for their characters (We all like to break the rules – and game – sometimes).  Seeing as their are LITERALLY and endless supply of gaming worlds (thanks imagination!), that also means there should be endless options for characters, but we here at To-Ag studios are going to keep it simple.  Join us this week as we discuss two opposites on the heroic spectrum and weigh in on mundane and powered Player Characters and the worlds they wreak havoc in.  Put in your storytelling caps, suppress your inner munchkin, and get ready to face the music on a whole new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:47) – Matt thinks he explains a movie he saw, suckers himself into another Kickstarter, and experiences some culture shock… or was it Agent Orange? – Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Blasphemous Cocktails, and NAMM 2013

(11:05) – Robert gets pleasantly surprised, then he gets disappointed, and will probably buy his way to PDF happiness. – King of the Nerds, Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe, and the Dungeons and Dragons Backlist

(17:23) – Karen follows in Matt’s footsteps (scary, we know), wants some Academy Award reconsideration, and loves her some minions. – Beasts of the Southern Wild, Pitch Perfect, and The Following

(26:19) – Ramses warns of us the great Catpocalypse, and what exactly is in British beef?  Plus, Karen and Ramses are THOSE people at Disneyland and Ramses goes back to neglecting the family. – Radiator Springs Racers and Clash of Clans

(33:30) – We’ve been tweeting it all week and will keep on getting the word out, so go help a fellow gamer Critical Hit Cancer in the face and stay GamerStrong! – A Little Help for Bill

(34:30) – It’s topic time! We start off the discussion with the mundane.  From keeping it real, sticking to the streets, and the relativity of “strength.”  Plus, Matt un-Munchkins the group with his d20-to-Savage Worlds switch.

(38:22) – Resources, who needs resources… or manners… or morality.  Power corrupts, bitches!!

(41:55) – Can being too strong kill the fun?  We weigh in when it comes to video games. – God Mode, Red Dead Redemption, and Saint’s Row. Plus, Ramses regrets his Wild Arms exploit and Matt’s “Skyrim Syndrome.”

(43:47) – Is being too powerful a curse in Pen and Paper RPGs, and for whom?  Karen offers her unique perspective and the risk/reward paradox of epic levels.

(46:18) – We reflect on the very mundane life of Ryo Hazuki, protagonist of the long forgotten Sega Dreamcast’s Shenmue and recall how much we used to abuse magic items.  Methamphetamine +4!

(48:26) – Matt broaches the question – Does Mundane = Grinding and Powered = Story, or vice versa? Also, The World of Darkness gets a little racist, but in a good way.

(51:19) – Fight-or-Flight?  Who needs it?  (Hint: We do!)  Plus, accessories are BOSS and what the hell is this story crap!?!

(56:17) – Role-playing is what really brings the best memories and Matt presents a special twist. – Gotham Central. Also, how mundane are the protagonists of the Assassin’s Creed series or even Batman?

Closing Song – Party in the U.S.A.written by Jessie J, Lukasz Gottwald, and Claude Kelly and performed by the cast of Pitch Perfect


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  1. I want to extend my thanks once again for taking a moment out of the podcast to promote the cause for my friend Bill. Things have been rough these last several months for him and his family, but the support of his friends, family, our community, and others online or elsewhere has made a huge difference.

    As a side note, I’d be right there with you at that Metallica/Jack Johnson/Flogging Molly concert. Sounds pretty awesome.

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