Episode 67 – Remakes We Want to See


We all know Hollywood is pretty much out of ideas.  Nowadays, it seems like 90% of the movies hitting theaters is either some sort of remake or reboot, likely of something that has already been remade a couple times before.  The awesome and epic story-tellers and directors (Looking at you, Nolan and Whedon) seem to finally be getting their chance to really shine, but studios are just too afraid to take a chance on those unique indie projects waiting in the wings, so it looks like we’re stuck with the likes of Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher, and Brett Ratner.  Join us this week as we discuss the movies that we actually want to see remade (because it’s going to happen eventually), but only if someone with talent can do it!  Wipe your classic memories away, burn up those original scripts, and whatever you do, don’t even think of Transformers as we discuss our remake picks on a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:31) – Robert watches an “okay pretty-good” show, starts (listening to) a new podcast, and brings us some timely reboot news! – Once Upon a Time, Harmontown, and Gremlins

(08:00) – Ramses talks about boob murder, some of the most random Craigslist Ads ever, and wants to get Robert insta-drunk. – Vaportini

(14:39) – Karen talks college football, the biggest outsourcing backfire ever, and gets her YouTube on!- Manti Te’o gets ‘Catfished,’ The Shenyang Connection, and the PBS Idea Channel

(24:25) – Matt continues his Oscar (movie viewing) run, starts a TV show which he can actually finish, and starts a flame war! – Zero Dark Thirty, Wedding Band, and Dwarves vs. Elves

(30:57) – Listener e-mail time!  We address some concerns with last week’s show.

(34:25) – It’s topic time!  Matt opens the discussion with a caveat and wants to see The Dirty Dozen redone while Karen wants Wonder Woman, dammit!  Meanwhile, Robert is hesitant to mention the fantasy classics Legend and Labyrinth but is set to see a Flight of the Navigator reboot.

(40:52) – Ramses wants him some Ready Player One-ish Last Starfighter; Matt’s research pleasantly surprised him with The Road Warrior / Mad Max: Fury Road, and we discuss The Neverending Story and Ghostbusters.

(45:20) – Karen shifts us toward genre specific remakes! – Dungeons & Dragons, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, and the group wants a Cowboys and Aliens reboot, right-now right now.

(48:43) – Ramses loves him some Bloodsport, no one can remember the title of Warrior, and we talk some JCVD!  Plus, Matt talks about the Total Recall reboot way after he saw it.

(51:27) – We talk comic book movie and TV show remakes. – Punisher: War Zone, Swamp Thing, Small Wonder, Out of this World.  Plus, a second chance for Land of the Lost?

(55:44) – We discussa reboot of Seven Samurai, aspects of The Last Samurai, and the 47(and a half) Ronin.  Plus Ramses wants a new Aliens vs. Predator (without the humans) and a debate rages over a new Super Mario Bros.

(1:00:06) – We throw some bones to movies that desperately need remakes, but we don’t really care about. – The Fantastic Four, Dragonball: Evolution, and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li ~ en espanol, and Spawn.  Plus, Mortal Kombat!

Closing Song – Techno Syndrome – by The Immortals


One thought on “Episode 67 – Remakes We Want to See

  1. I want to see Transformers get a decent remake. No Michael Bay involvement whatsoever, no terrible toilet humour, better bot designs (so you can actually tell who is who during the fights) and less whiny humans. Oh, and a coherent story line would help too.

    I’d love to see Spawn and Ghost Rider remade too (please, no more Nicolas Cage!) but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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