Episode 66 – Bad Geek Addictions

066 Bad Addictions

A while back, when we recorded Episode 44, we discussed the things we were addicted too at the time, and they were all totally awesome.  However, it got us thinking about some of the not-so-great geek addictions of days gone by, and we realized that we better get these skeletons out of the closet… you know, before they reanimate and attempt to kill us.  Join us this week as we discuss some of our past obsessions that have either blown out bank accounts, crushed our social lives, or just flat out sucked.  So lock up your bank accounts, put away the credit cards, and for the love of the gods, be with the friends you’re with, as you listen to a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(01:48) – Matt had jammed packed weekend, full of Disney relics, Death Star news, nut-shotting Der Führer, and becoming a trend-setter. – D23 Presents, The Death Star Petition, and Sniper Elite: V2 DLC

(11:06) – Ramses has his news derailed, brings us more evolutionary facts, shows us why India is in poverty, and feeds his podcast addiction. – Tommy “The Green Ranger,Pruney Fingers, The Gold Shirt, and Nerd Poker

(15:51) – Karen talks about Amazon’s CD Deal while Wal-Mart and Target try to compete with the “showroom phenomenon.”  Plus, Matt loves Thomas Guides.

(19:28) – The love triangle between Glen Mazzara, Robert Kirkman, and Kurt Sutter gets spicy and we ask the question: What the F— is up with AMC and it’s show runners?  Plus, Sin City casting news!

(25:20) – Robert gets meta with the 3D Printing, is underwhelmed for $5, and finally gets around to breaking his Kickstarter game. – BukobotTwo Worlds II, and Zombicide.  Also, Robert gives a shout out to our contributors and their articles, so go read them!  (P.S. – Matt lied about linking the articles, so do what Karen said and click here!)

(32:22) – It’s topic time!  Ramses leads off with some M.U.S.C.L.E nostalgia, Karen and Robert went D&D 4E / Mini crazy, Matt is a media hoarder, and we all suffer from Bibliophilia.

(40:15) – Robert proves to be the King of Addictions, courtesy of EverQuest, World of Warcraft, and the reality of high investment/low reward.  Meanwhile Karen and Ramses were both hooked on Final Fantasy Tactics, and Matt needs professional help thanks to the Call of Duty franchise.  Plus, Chinese Counter Strike?

(46:22) – We discuss how easy it is to get addicted, sacrificing eating for gaming supplements, and we (collectively) are our own worst “frenemies.”

(48:44) – Robert “Platinum Bitches” Skaggs vs. Matt “I’m not a Finisher” Fuller.  Who has more fun?  Find out! – Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, and The Incredible Hulk.  Plus, Karen has an epiphany about getting old(er) and Way of the Samurai.

(52:52) – Matt reveals his most random, useless, and pointless potential addiction. – Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

(55:02) – Robert is attempting to pump the brakes when it comes to Steam, but he sure does justify his purchases. – Malifaux

(56:35) – Four Words – Farmville and Mafia Wars.  But it’s all fun and games.

Closing Song – Rehabwritten by Amy Winehouse and performed by The Jolly Boys


2 thoughts on “Episode 66 – Bad Geek Addictions

  1. First off your comments about the Power Rangers and how racist the colours are. I would recommend you watch College Humor’s video “Zordon is a Racist.” It makes alot of sense.

    Now your main topic about Geek addictions.
    My first addiction was MUDs.(multi-user Dungeon) I started college in 1996 and the college campus had computer labs. I didn’t own a computer at home so when I found the internet and Telnet I found this thing called DikuMud. MUDs were basically a text-based MMO. I stopped going to class and would spend all day on the computer playing. I didn’t do to well that semester and dropped out. I didn’t go back to college until 1999 and the addiction was totally gone.

    Now, my new problem is playing Minecraft…must craft!

  2. I used to love M.U.S.C.L.E.! I had so many when I was a kid, I used to play with them in the bath. Good times.

    I’ve been addicted to a few things in my life, my biggest problem is similar to something you guys mentioned, if there’s something I like, I have to have them all. Collecting the whole set is huge for me.

    I started collecting the Batman: Black and White statues a while back, that’s become a pretty expensive hobby.

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