Episode 65 – Best of 2012

065 Spiderpus

Are you exhausted?  Because we sure are!  2012 turned out be a geek’s best friend and it didn’t matter what your nerdgasm of choice was, either!  Be it movies, gaming, television, comics, or whatever else, 2012 surely did deliver… and there are absolutely no signs that 2013 is going to do any less.  Hell, it’s probably going to do more!  Join us this week as we gather around the mics and discuss what “got our geek” the most in the past year.  Prioritize your superheroes, stock up on convention passes, and be sure to try out a bit of the meatloaf as you settle in for a brand new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

First… some Meat Loaf.

(01:38) – Robert actually watched movies from this decade! We talk transients, violence, and IMAX. – Django Unchained and The Hobbit.  Also, a review of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

(13:30) – Food challenge accomplished, Karen and Ramses are raising a Sith Lord, and poo ratings??

(19:40) – Matt gets some new 3D printed dice, gets his “culture on,” and FINALLY convinced his wife to roll up a character! – Shapeways, Les Misérables, and Pathfinder

(28:45) – Karen and Ramses expand their “bedroom boundaries” and the return of an all-time favorite. – Magic Mike, and Arrested Development – Also, Amazing Spider-Man can go to hell and now is your chance to be on Jeopardy!

(42:56) – It’s topic time!  Matt leads us off as we discuss our top movies of 2012. – The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, Brave, Looper, and Chronicle

(47:32) – We shift from the big screen to the TV screen and talk about our top shows of the year. – The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Game of Thrones

(49:36) – On to books!  Also, Matt has usurped Ramses of the title “Most Illiterate Friend.” –The Hunger Games, Death Troopers, The Dresden FilesSharp Objects, Batman: Court of Owls, and Marvel: Civil War

(53:00) – In a year full of geek-tastic moments, we recall our favorites. – San Diego Comic-Con, our awesome recording guests, Cryptozoic, WonderCon, and The Walking Dead Escape

(56:20) – It was definitely a great year in gaming, too! – Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, Sniper Elite V2, Ticket to Ride, Squids, Punch Quest, 7 Wonders, and Flash Point: Fire Rescue 

(58:38) – Grumpy Cat is king, Matt witnesses Ermahgerd happen IRL, and Gateway 2012 kicked ass!  Plus, the biggest news of the year – Disney purchasing Lucasfilm.

Closing Song – My Pony – produced by Timbaland and performed by Ginuwine

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2 thoughts on “Episode 65 – Best of 2012

  1. Movie – Django
    TV – Doctor Who / Game of Thrones
    Book – Ready Player One
    Video Game – Portal 2 (came out in 2011)
    Board Game – Samurai / Ticket to Ride
    iOS Game – Carcassone

    If anyone ever wants to play iOS games I am positivelyrob on Game Center and Days of Wonder.

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